Be as Little Children

When trying to reach and teach people or guide them into ways God asks of us, we should do as Christ said we should be and become as little children. When little children speak, they speak with a directness, simplicity and honesty that everyone is able to understand.

This is what we should be doing. Why is it so many church leaders, historians, pastors, lay people and Christian authors try to sound highly educated, of superior intelligence and like to talk over people’s heads?

If we want to reach people and help them understand anything in life, and knowing God is no different, then talk to them in simple ways everyone can understand and in a direct honest way just as a child would do.

Out of the mouths of babes is something we all enjoy hearing of and reading, as children are often humorous in their brutal honesty. An innocent honesty that can often shame or embarrass people into recognising the truth of what that child has observed about them.

The truth hurts, but it does open our eyes to what others might be seeing that we’ve remained blind to. How we love and serve God is one of those times brutal honesty is often necessary to show us we might not be loving and serving Him as we like to think we are.

Saying the truths that are needed to be heard in a simple way is how people will be able to understand what’s being said to them. It might not be what they want to hear, but it will often be what they need. True love is looking after a person’s needs and not their wants.

What we want might be good at times, but rarely helps us grow or better ourselves as human beings. Giving us what we need, caters to those things needed to grow, nourish us and steer us on the right path.

If any of us want to know the truth of how we might appear in God’s eyes, we should ask a child, because they will tell us in brutal honesty what they see and how we come over. What they see, is often what God will be seeing too.

Look to the children for how you should be too. Be honest with others, but also be honest with yourself. Be as innocent children if you want to reach out to God and have His approval of how you live, speak and behave. For only by doing that can we hope to grow in the ways God asks of us rather than how the world expects.

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