God, Religion and Supernatural Experiences

There are two things I’d like to hear from you about. The first is to do with those of you who walked away from their church or religion. The second is about those who may have experienced genuine natural phenomena that confused and worried them and who might have approached their church for guidance.

So many people today have walked away from religion, but in doing so, usually walked away from God too. They confuse the two things as being one and the same, yet they are often poles apart.

Having walked away, they are then often left confused and wanting. This is due to the fact most people need something in their life to believe in and hold onto. They need it because believing there is something else beyond our world and all its trials, brings us hope and faith.

Hope and faith are two things that help us through bad or difficult times that we all go through in life. Without hope or faith that things will get better for us at some point, we have nothing.

What interests me is, if people walked away from religion and still believe in God, how do they now show their belief and how do they serve Him without going to church? Everyone has their own ways and it’s these I’d like to hear about.

Did you walk away from religion and why did you? Did you leave God behind too and if so why? I would also like to hear from people who have had visions, words, smells or any other kind of natural phenomena happen to them when they least expected and whether they approached their church looking for answers.

If you did, would you share with me what happened when you asked for guidance and what was said to you – or if you were helped. If you were, in what way did they help and what’s happening to you with it now? If not, why did they say they wouldn’t help and what did they say was happening to you?

If you could send me e-mails about either of these subjects, I’d be delighted, as I’m thinking of doing a book with experiences from people about both these matters and would love your input. After all, it is real experiences and real people that this is about and so your life experiences in these things matter to me – and to others.

If you would like to message me with your thoughts or experiences and where it’s left you today on either of these subjects, please e-mail me:-  lorrainehw (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk – or, put a comment on this post, or private message me on my page on Facebook by CLICKING THIS LINK.

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you. Please only send messages or e-mails with your experiences if you agree to me using them in future books. I guarantee no names will be used at any time when sharing these stories, but place names or countries may be.

I hope to respond to all messages, but it might take a while to get back to you if there are quite a few.

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