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Prayer and Jesus’ Name is Not Protection from Satan

This morning, I saw an interesting statement from a lady on the Vatican Radio page on Facebook. Her words that interested – and saddened me were these:- “The Devil and his cohorts won’t ask you to pray the rosary ,confess your sins to a priest and attend mass”.

She’s wrong, that is sometimes exactly how Satan would work in stealth. In fact, it’s how he most often does today. Do people really think he comes advertising himself so they can avoid him and not be captured? Look at Medjugorje for a classic example. People are being told to pray the rosary and are converting in their thousands each day – so we’re told.

If all these many millions over the years are converting, as we’re told they are by those blindly believing all they hear and so obsessed by the place, how come so many churches, convents and Abbey’s are closing down, seats in open churches are emptying and vocations are at an all time low across the board?

Satan’s workers do say to pray and do as the lady above asks, but there is always an underlying alternative people won’t look at due to bad spirits doing that. It gives people false comfort and that’s when he gets to work. There is where just some of the huge problems lie.

This way of thinking is why I have struggled for years to get the church to act responsibly in this matter and teach their parishioners constantly about how to test the spirits – properly.

The insipid guidelines about asking if the spirits believe in Jesus come in the flesh is laughable. So is the idea that saying prayers, going to mass or confession means it is of good spirits. Want proof? Look how the saints were tested by Satan, look how Jesus was and look how they were attacked by him in ways of stealth.

They were on their guard and tested all the time. People in churches aren’t and never do it. Nor do most priests any more. The Bishop of Medjugorge has always known it was a deception, but people believe what they want to believe, as everyone today wants miracles and drama. It is for these reasons only someone very astute, or a mystic themselves, will see those subtleties at work.

People today are easily duped and believe everything too readily due to words said to sound good, but never really listened to. If they were listened to properly, the subtleties would be noticed, but they don’t notice, because this is Satan in stealth and he knows the majority don’t test or check a thing any more. They don’t because no one shows them how to. They don;t because they want everything to be ‘nice’ and easy to do.

Hearing people use Jesus’ name is not proof it isn’t of Satan. Asking if they acknowledge Jesus come in the flesh is also not a good test. Being told to say prayers, attend mass or anything else is also not proof it can’t be Satan. None of this is testing the spirits properly and yet this is ALL the church says to do.

That is why so many are being fooled and so many souls lost. It’s also why none of those who are being deceived can recognise it’s happened to them – this includes priests and religious, not just lay people.

Testing the spirits, deception and the subtleties of how it can be done is what every church should be teaching regularly until it sinks in and people know and test all the time. Problem is, hardly anyone in the church knows how to do it themselves, so can’t teach it to others.

I’ve struggled for years to see this started and I won’t give up trying to see it achieved until I take my last breath. The majority of people won’t like what they hear, because it doesn’t suit them and means following God isn’t so easy for them as it has been. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well though and nothing worth having ever came too easily did it?

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