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Thank you God

Thank you God for all I have and Thank you God for all I am.

Thank you for knowing me, loving me, guarding and guiding me and for doing those things for all of my family and friends throughout our lives.

I thank you for everything you have ever given me and for allowing me to know you. The harder the lessons and trials gone through, the closer I grew in love for you and continue to do so.

The harder the trials, the more I learnt and the stronger I grew. You have never deserted me no matter what, and even when I couldn’t feel you, I still knew you were there and know you always will be.

You’re always at my side giving me strength, especially when at my weakest. You love me unconditionally, despite my many mistakes.

Without you God I am nothing, but with you by my side, I am everything and can achieve anything – if it is your will.

I am me, but I am also every person you created in the world who you do those things for every day whether they realise it or not. For all of this dear Lord, I thank you and will always remain your loyal and faithful servant.

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