God’s Love

God loves every single one of us. Every person reading this and every person throughout the world, whether they choose to know and love Him or ignore His very existence. God doesn’t divide, doesn’t have conditions to be able to love or know you, or to have you in His life – division and conditional love is something man made.

God’s love for us is like none other. It is all encompassing, warming and unconditional. It is there for every single person to accept should they so wish, no matter who they are or what they do and don’t have. It doesn’t matter how bad or good a person is, God still loves them, no matter how much their deeds might hurt and upset Him.

People often judge us in the wrong ways and have no understanding of real judgement as opposed to discernment, but God never makes such mistakes. He looks at all we have done, and will do, in our lifetime until our last breath. He listens to our very deepest thoughts and sees into our minds.

He knows what lies in our hearts and why we maybe did anything that hurt others or even ourselves. Just as He knows why we did anything bad, He also knows if any good deeds were done for the right or wrong reasons and why.

Until that last moment of life here on earth, we are given every opportunity to see our misdeeds and repent them – no matter how big, no matter how small.      Who else gives us such chances without judging and giving up on us for our whole lifetime here?

The thing about such love as God’s is that He also helps us to learn what is right and wrong. He sends people and experiences into our lives to help us learn in order to see what we will decide to do – how we’ll handle temptations, sufferings, disasters.

Satan was, and is, allowed to roam free in the world to tempt us and steer us into badness. Not all people can accept this, but all who have Satan in their hearts reject God, blaming Him for all that goes wrong in life. Many refuse to believe God has an opposite number who is busy trying to take souls away from God every living moment.

Rejecting God does not mean everyone not believing in Him is evil, they aren’t, but they are influenced by Satan without realising they are. It is why they refuse to acknowledge God or believe in Him. It is also why others speak so badly about God, ridiculing Him and those who believe in Him. That is how Satan works. He loves to mock, to sneer to ridicule or to put you in denial of God’s very existence.

Not everyone knows or believes in God or Satan, but both of them believe in you. Either one of them is who will influence who you are and how you behave or speak, often without you even being aware it’s happening. As God stands for only goodness and Satan for bad, your behaviour/speech will give you a good indicator of who it is working through you.

Neither of them will give up on you to the day you die, as both want your souls. One to destroy it, one to save it. The choice is yours who you choose. No matter who you choose now or chose in the past you have until your last breath to make your final decision. The thing is, how do you know when that final moment or breath will come?

There is much in life to tempt each one of us away from goodness in even the tiniest of ways, but if we could just see and feel how much God loves us and is hurt by even the smallest thing we do wrong, how many would turn back and beg His forgiveness? Most of us would.

We can’t all see, hear, feel God even if we do know Him, so how much harder is it for those who don’t know Him? We have to live life with the free will He gave us. Free will that allows us to do or speak in whatever way we like. Who else gives us such freedom to be exactly who we want to be – were born to be?

Yes, His lessons in life can be hard, but they are worth it in the end even if we don’t know the ending or reasons behind such things we have to suffer or go through. He never makes mistakes, we do.

If God has destined for us, or our loved ones, to go through hardships, no matter how large or small, be assured it hurts Him as much as it does us, but that it is for a reason only He knows about.

One thing we need to remember is that no matter what life throws at us, be it by our own hand or God’s, He is beside us every step of the way helping us get through it. His love is more than any human can comprehend. It might seem unfair at times, and even cruel, but remember, God is about goodness and love. Everything He decides for us will eventually result in good.

We can’t see the reasoning behind some of what happens in life to us or to the world, but if it is at God’s hand not man’s or Satan’s, then the end result will be better than we can ever imagine it will be. God knows all things, we don’t. God knows the end result, we don’t.

Place your trust in God and have faith that He knows why this is happening and the hardest of trials will become easier to bear. Mysteries of life and natural disasters that seem so cruel and unfair, will start to be understood for why they have to happen.

Faith, trust and hope is all we need to get through life as best we can – and love. Remember, even when everyone in life seems to have given up on you, deserted you, or just doesn’t seem to understand you, God is always there. It isn’t meant to be easy to accept or understand. Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved or gained easily. He might be unseen and unfelt, but He will never desert you and the more you suffer, the more His love is there for you.

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