Petition to Our Lady – Your Prayers Needed

The world we live in now is one of extremes. Weather changes with record breaking temperatures of heat or cold, snow in places not normally seeing snow, wildfires as never seen before breaking out in greater numbers and in places not known for them. There have been devastating floods all over the world, escalating earthquakes, volcanoes and so much more.

Much of what we’re seeing in the last year especially, is reported as being the worst, the most, or the biggest recorded in history. Disasters are coming much closer together and getting bigger. There are dormant volcanoes erupting and even extinct ones awakening. Things we were told were impossible to happen are being proven not to be impossible after all.

All of these things are natural events, but what too about what man is doing? Everywhere we look things there are just as extreme, but being touted as normal and acceptable. Terrorist attacks are getting more frequent and more violent in ways we were told they would. Films and programmes have extreme violence, sex and bad language people now accept as normal with no real censorship or sense of shock.

Materialism and greed is worse than we’ve ever seen in our lives. Self absorption is the norm and sexual immorality, vulgar behaviour or manner of dress has escalated in such a way that no one is shocked by anything any more.

Music is sung mainly by women wearing only underwear, or what looks to be, and we don’t just have two sexes any more. We’re told there are far more than two sexes and everywhere is forced to be gender neutral in case someone is offended by being called a woman or a man. Compassion, acceptance, respect, discipline, humility, unconditional love and God’s name are seen as dirty words and things to be sneered at.

Far too many people are now activists belonging to one group or other. They’re displaying aggressive behaviour while demanding acceptance, respect and tolerance from everyone, but giving none to anyone in return. Anger, hatred and utter vileness pours from people’s mouths far too easily. The venom on Facebook and other social media sites is horrendous to see.

Everything above was predicted years ago and is happening just as we were told it would. We were told no one would listen to warnings and would instead laugh when told everything above is how the world would become at an escalating rate. Well, laugh no more, it’s happened and this is how the world now is – and it’s getting worse by the day.

We were also told that as these things escalated and got to the point it was obvious how bad it had become, some people would eventually start to ask what was happening. They’d start to recognise so many extremities were being seen in everything and everywhere they looked. They’d wonder why and how it happened so quickly.

This questioning has now started in recent months. A few who have seen what’s happening have started to make changes. Others seeing and listening to them are starting to follow suit, but in only very small ways and in very small numbers. The good people are starting to fight back and have their voices heard at last. Sadly, it is still far too few trying to make a difference and having their voices heard.

This isn’t surprising, for despite those now seeing the truth of how bad things are, we were also told many more would stay stubborn. That the majority would become even more extreme in their behaviour and that it would take much bigger and far more extreme disasters by man’s hands and God’s before the rest of the world would sit up and take notice. I fear this time is coming very close now indeed.

This extreme behaviour, badness and confusion cannot carry on as it is much longer. Soon, the biggest and most shocking disasters yet to be seen in the places predicted will surely happen. When they do, I have no doubt many who have not read the books predicting them will wonder why. They will undoubtedly still refuse to accept it is because the world has to be cleansed of the extreme badness  we’re now seeing.

Mankind has to change his/her ways if further destruction of the planet and all on it is to be avoided, for normality to be restored, and peace to once again be seen in a way it isn’t now. We were told we had to change our ways and a few are now heeding those words and changing their behaviour. Many more sadly aren’t.

Our Lady requested we all pray, say the rosary and have masses said. She asked of this from those who believe in such things, for us all to pray daily without ceasing. It looks to me like the time has come that we heeded those words more than ever and did as she asked of us. For those who believe, maybe now is the time to have those masses said, to say our prayers for the world and to pray the rosary.

After asking me to share those words with you all, she also gave me the prayer below.

Petition to Our Blessed Mother

O blessed mother conceived without sin, pray for us today as we come to you in recognition of your son’s sacrifice for us. We ask that you may help us in our hour of need and that you might bless all those who live in your Son’s name and do His bidding. Look with mercy upon us and pray for our souls that we too may one day come to His heavenly Kingdom where He reigns forever and ever. Amen.

I hope many of you reading this will share the post as far and wide as possible, because our prayers are needed now more than ever. Thank you.

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