Who or What is the AntiChrist? Part One

It takes great strength to be able to turn one’s back on Satan, but his temptations are deliberately made inviting so that most people will be too weak to reject them.

Such people would be offended to be thought of as weak, and of being told they’re offending God, but if they’re giving into Satan’s ways and going against God, they are weak and they are offending Him. The Church HAS to teach about these matters urgently, but they refuse to. The few teachings they do have are unable to be found by most laypeople and are weak, flawed and almost non existent.

The Christian Church is so neglectful about these very important teachings, that it’s no wonder we have seen such a huge growth of false spirituality. Claims of false supernatural phenomena is everywhere we look today. False visionaries are claiming to speak daily with Jesus or Mary and these are no different to other false claims of speaking with the dead and passing often inane messages, but no one cares how unreal any of it is if it sounds good.

Any guidance or teaching able to be found that’s given by the Church as a body, is usually offered by those with no understanding of true supernatural phenomena or the similarities and differences between false and true Gifts of God. All they can draw on is man’s teachings rather than teachings from God or heaven.

Sadly, even very good, decent people don’t want to hear the truth once they’ve been involved with false ways for too long. The reason they don’t, is because they’ll have to recognise and accept what they do or support is nothing of God, but of the great deceiver instead – and who wants to think that of themselves?

The majority of people now believe in spiritualism, mediums, angel channellers, spells, messages from the dead and anything else with a fancy title. Either that, or they talk of ‘The Universe’ as being some magical entity causing all manner of things. Far fewer believe in God or Satan any more in favour of the false ways and claims.

No one wants God’s spiritual gifts, they prefer man’s. God’s gifts don’t make money and can’t be sold. False gifts don’t do anything for the soul or growth of the person concerned, but they do make money – sometimes very big sums of money. This is what attracts so many to them. 

It is these things that lead people into sins against God and the Holy Spirit without them being aware. Sadly, in some cases they can be taken from God without even caring this is what’s happening. They’re easily pulled in due to the extraordinary claims made by such people that everyone can do it. People are intrigued with those claiming to speak with the dead, but none cares to see what’s really happening.

People are enthralled by those who claim to have visions of heaven, Jesus, Mary, or to speak to the dead whether there is anything tangible to back up those claims or not. People flock to pilgrimage sites claiming conversions by the hundreds of thousands, but where is God in all of this? 

Sadly, the Church doesn’t appear to be offended by the money that pours in at gathering places where alleged visionaries display themselves either. So, where is this all taking us and what does it mean?

To be continued…

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