Who or What is the AntiChrist? Part Two

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What if the number of the beast refers to Satan and the growing body of people today who unwittingly follow him? What if it is false spirituality filled with new age practices and spiritualism? Maybe it’s the badness we’re seeing escalate within religion (be it leaders or laity), and in anyone else who professes to follow Christ, but whose deeds are against Him?

Many people in today’s world profess to be doing God’s will and works, yet are doing no such thing. Millions worldwide fall into honey traps of false ways and beliefs by believing the sweet words designed to ensnare and catch those not on their guard. Temptations designed to ensnare and addict rather than save souls.

Mediums who aren’t real mediums doing work to attract the gullible and desperate. False visionaries within religions alleging words and visions of heaven that are from no such place. Other practices designed to entice and addict while sounding genuine and real.

These things and more have taken so many people from God and purity into a world of fantasy, magic and rituals done to deceive while sounding genuine and pure. No one tests a thing. Anything sounding good, appearing to convert people to goodness is believed immediately and yet all of it is usually false.

Anything done to attract the masses, who then gather together in great numbers to watch performances done publicly, is not of God. If it is promoted, feted and encouraged, it is not of God. God does not ‘perform’, His heavenly beings do not ‘perform’. They do not have a set timetable or list of times they come to entertain the masses.

God and heavenly beings coming from Him for His works do not charge money, they do not promote the making of big money for others. They discourage such acts and teach against such behaviour. How then can any of this be of God?

Heavenly beings promote humility, a call to seek within and change oneself. They don’t get people addicted to messages done daily or to order nor at set timetables. They give guidance to help save ones soul. They may warn of things to come, but this is done as specifics and never as meaningless generalities that can fit anything that happens anywhere in the world at any time.

The antichrist is most probably the return of Satan to this world and of all his workers be them of the spiritual realms or of this world. It is probably the huge growth we are seeing of badness and corruption that’s attached itself to the weak within the Vatican, other  religions and of the masses today embroiled in false spiritual practices and worship.

Anything done for good and that brings individuals to know, love and serve God is good. Anything done that serves to make people look deep inside themselves to see those things they need to change and improve on is good. Anything that sees God’s Church (which is his people) grow and swell in number in only HIS ways and laws is good.

An easy way to help see if what you believe in or are doing is of God or Satan is to look at one’s own life. Is it filled with pleasant things all done that come to you easily and that are easy to follow and enjoy, or do they come with hardship, suffering, a sudden deep intuitive insight of right and wrong as never able to be seen before?

What we each have to ask ourselves is if what we believe is us leading a good life really is or not. To do that, we have to look at ourselves, what we do, how we live, speak and behave as honestly as we possibly can. Some are able to do this, most aren’t. Are we part of what may be the antichrist, or are we truly of God and goodness?

Part three, Is Your Life Of God’s Ways or Satan’s? to follow…





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