Is Your Life Of God’s Ways or Satan’s?

How do we know if the life we are leading is as good as we believe it to be? What if the antichrist is false spirituality and the ever growing huge number of practices found within it? What if the world’s badness we’re seeing so much growth in is due to following false ways. Ways we believe to be good due to what those teaching them tell us? Ways that are always charged for or that make big money.

To come to God and His heavenly kingdom, we have to learn and grow. We have to learn lessons that purify us and make us better people. We have to suffer, for by suffering is how we learn those lessons. By suffering, we learn kindness, compassion and caring for others with no thought for self or self gain. By suffering, we can unite ourselves with our Lord Jesus Christ and His sufferings.

We have to go without, for by doing without, we learn to thank God for all we do have and how to help others less fortunate when things improve in our lives. Those who have the least are often found to be those who help others the most. Those with much, often are those who give the least.

If a rich man/woman gives a charitable donation of £100 or dollars, that is wonderful. How much greater though is that £100 or dollars if given by a person who is giving the last bit of money they have?

Health issues that can be severe, losses of loved ones in greater numbers than others seem to have to endure, money worries, abuse and so much more are things that often inflict those on a path to finding God – truly finding Him.

Those closest to God often suffer the most in a variety of ways.  The better one copes with such things, enduring them without complaint while retaining faith and trust, the closer one is becoming as God asks of us. Through such trials, people tend to see so much more of the true meaning of life rather than the superficial life the majority prefers.

It doesn’t matter how much people say they believe in God, go to church, say prayers or try to be decent human beings if they aren’t digging deep and changing.

It doesn’t matter how ‘spiritual’ they say they are because they do practices taught in books or in classes claiming to make people more spiritual.  None of those things will make you spiritual or grow and they most definitely won’t help your soul.

Doing these things alone, whether it be of Orthodox ways or New Age/spiritualist, none of it nourishes our souls or brings us closer to God unless we seek deep within ourselves and change those things in need of change. Doing various practices alone doesn’t bring us to a knowledge that without God and His Graces we are nothing.

Many in spiritual ‘works’ today confuse what having riches means and the differences in how they’re come by. There are some who have gone through hardships and trials who eventually come out the other side and are rewarded with earthly riches or rewards to help lessen all they’ve willingly and uncomplainingly endured up till now.

Maybe that has been given them in order to help them do God’s work without need to worry about how to pay bills for travel or pay for a place to stay to do His work – if such work takes them away from home.

These are not people who charge money for God’s works, for offering guidance, answering questions, teaching or giving their time to hep others.  They are not those who accept gifts or donations in ways He wouldn’t approve of. Instead,  it is often given to them by God in ways least expected in order to help them do His work free of charge for those in need.

On the other side of things, anything of Satan comes easily and at an earthly price. False practices are undertaken that swell ego’s and where addiction to readings and messages are achieved while being done under the guise of bringing comfort. Comfort that doesn’t bring true comfort at all, but a false comfort only lasting until the next reading or ‘message’. Works always done for a charge with excuses given why those charges have to be made.

There are visionaries who claim to see or hear those of heaven, but who perform as in a circus to a set timetable and for show. People who give themselves titles of visionaries, seers and the like without any authenticity or proof they are such things. Names and titles given again to swell ego’s and gain attention.

The places where such claims are made suddenly see a huge increase in the wealth of the area and in the people surrounding such self proclaimed seers and visionaries. Wealth not to enable God’s work to be done, but wealth to swell pockets yet again. Places where no one tests a thing, but believes whatever they’re told blindly – just as so many do today in all spiritual matters.

So which way do you live, serve or follow God? Is it by following His words in a quiet way that makes you more detached from earthly temptations, or is it in ways that make you addicted and more attached to this world and those offering such practices done to gain attention?and

Are you fanatical about mediums, visionaries and places they ‘appear’? People who claim wondrous things and who perform to audiences, or are you worshipping only God and nourishing your soul?

Do you find yourself retreating more from the world, people and earthly goods, or are you seeking out anyone and anything that claims to be ‘spiritual’. People and places offering miracles that are never seen, messages alleging to be from the dead and promises that say you can be taught or helped develop gifts? Gifts only God can give or develop in ways HE decides and that no man of this world can?

If you find yourself detaching more and more from earthly things as you come closer to knowing God, you are probably living God’s way. If, however, you are getting more attached to money, wanting mediums, new age books on how to develop, or buying gifts God never gave you, it is not of God’s ways.

If all your works are done for free and only in order to bring people to God, help feed their souls and detach them from worldly goods and temptations such as above, you are probably working for God in ways He asks of you.

If you are a person passing messages for money alleging to be from the dead, offering classes to teach how to ‘be a medium’ or similar, charging money for help, guidance or for the aforementioned, then your works are not of God or for Him and never can be.

Everyone can pretend all they want that their lives are pure, good and well intentioned – and some may well be – but we each have to work out if our works, our lives and our intentions really are what we say or think they are, or if we just want to fool ourselves and others.

Would you be happy to meet your maker today, or not? Would you be happy to stand in judgement today of your life and your works or not? What do you think the outcome would be if that were to happen right now?

Only you can decide which master you wish to follow or serve, but be assured, no one can serve both. Whatever you decide will determine your fate in the end. If you truly believe in God, then you know this is true. If you mock those words, it means you don’t believe in God at all, so please don’t use His name to gain riches or followers for all you do.

Remember and be aware, that however many souls you help save or lose due to your works, deeds or guidance of others, one day, you will be rewarded or punished for each and every single one of them. Choose sensibly and live well.

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