Christ’s Sorrow and Passion



Today, Maundy Thursday, is a day I feel so deeply about. The pain, suffering and deep, deep sorrow Christ suffered on our behalf is beyond human comprehension. This Maundy Thursday and tomorrow, Good Friday, are two days that we would all do well to sit in the quiet and reflect on.

Most people who believe in Easter will take part in various church services that mark this most special and holy time in the Christian Calendar. How many though, will sit alone with Him in the quiet with no one watching, to reflect and contemplate about that time all those years ago – just Him and you alone?

How many will take time to sit with Him on Maundy Thursday for the hour He asked? I know I shall, I always do. While doing so, I reflect on my life, my sins and what they cost Jesus, no matter how small and inconsequential. To God, all sins are to be accounted for no matter the size.

It is those sins of ours that Jesus suffered for. Not just mine, but yours and everyone else’s of all belief’s and none. He took them on His shoulders for pure love of mankind. Of every person God created, whether they believe or not.

My sufferings are also something reflected on and thanks is given for being allowed to share in His. They are accepted and offered up to God with thanks for allowing me to understand a little of what His Son suffered in His sufferings, pain and sorrow.

What He suffered for us and how much we sadden His Father is something we should all try to connect with if possible. Look at our lives as individuals and try to see ourselves as God will be seeing us. If we stood before Him right now, watching our lives with Him, how would we feel about things we may see about our behaviour and thoughts?

Easter is a time of new beginnings and renewal of our baptismal vows. It is also a chance we have to look deep inside and decide if anything needs changing. A chance to repent past misdeeds, no matter how small or large they may be.

This is a time to make our peace with God, to thank Christ for all He suffered for our sakes. To accept all sufferings life throws at us and offer them up to God with thanks. It is our chance to accept all our earthly sufferings without complaint – just as He did His.

It is a time to recognise it is not just Christians and the baptised He died to save, but ALL who live on this earth alongside us. Not all know Him, but He knows them and loves them equally. With God, there is no division and His love for every person is the same as another.

When Jesus died, He did not do it conditionally and for only the chosen few, as some wish to believe, He died for all of us, whether believers or not, whether they know Him or not. He might not like our deeds – grievous or otherwise, but He still loves us and gives us this chance to repent. Till our last breath we are given that chance.

Everything we do, think or say is recorded in the great book of life and will be looked at on leaving this world to decide our fate. Use this Easter to help turn your life around if it needs to be. Beg God His forgiveness for even the smallest and lowliest of sins. Thank Christ for bearing them and for giving us the chance for new life.

Use this time well and please, just try to find one hour to sit with Him today – if not every day. That hour deep in reflection and contemplation on His life and yours, might be the one hour that changes your life forever and saves your soul.

Happy Easter and may God’s blessings be with you always



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