Mediumship and Healing

A few years ago, I unpublished my earliest books due to embarrassment of words used back then to describe God’s heavenly gifts. Mediums, automatic writing and other words associated with spiritualism were things I was led into temporarily and talked of.

I was led into them due to the Church turning me away on being asked for help and guidance about supernatural phenomena that was happening to me. Like most others before and after me, due to their refusal to help, I ended up in the wrong places. To this day, the Church still does nothing to help or teach about such matters. It is this I would love to change.

As it was, I was told by others I was a medium, and as such, allegedly had to learn to use what they said were the proper words and learn their ways (man’s) to work. Titles, names and ways of working according to man’s ideas rather than God’s were all things I was, and many others still are, led into.

They told me I had to stop using my healing gift as they had to make me a healer and give me a certificate after two years in their classes to prove I was genuine. How on earth can man give you a gift only God can? I had the fear of God put into me that I’d be sued for many thousands if I did healing on people without their certificates and authentication. I stopped using my healing gift due to them.

None of what the people were telling me in the places I ended up going to sounded right and actually made me feel distinctly uncomfortable. Not one thing they did or said was remotely like what happens to those actually given God’s supernatural gifts. As for the healing, the less said about that the better. I realised very quickly nothing they did or said was genuine gifts and certainly not of God.

Sadly, those who have not been given supernatural gifts or experienced phenomena all their lives, have no understanding what they’re being taught isn’t real or even what they’re led to believe it is. Most don’t even want to hear the truth though. Is this due to enjoying believing they’re somehow doing, or partaking in, something magical and mystical?

Genuinely gifted people questioning the mass produced style mediumship/healing in such places end up being ridiculed and discredited as much as possible in fear they will make others stop and think about what they’re partaking in.

Despite being uncomfortable, and knowing none of their ways were anything of heaven, I spent almost two years going from place to place, group to group and hearing all the strange – and even fantastical – things they all encouraged each other to say and do.

I never knew at the time why I stayed in such circles of people when it all made me feel the way it did, but something was compelling me to. Then one day, the compulsion to keep going to such places stopped just as suddenly as it had started. I was allowed to walk away at last, all the lessons needed to be learned had been.

After leaving man’s ways behind and listening once again to only heaven, it was shown me why I had to associate with them for so long. It was to learn the huge differences between man’s ways and God’s in order to be able to teach about them properly to those willing to listen and learn.

I’d even had a reading from someone genuinely gifted who told me I was to one day teach about the gifts given and the differences. How they were to be used and how they weren’t.

In God’s time, once I’d left man’s ways behind me, words from heaven started to be given to me yet again, but in different ways than I’d received them before. This time, it would be while sitting at a computer. As always with genuine gifts, this would happen when I least expected.

Words would suddenly fill my head and stop just as suddenly. When I read the words back, they turned out to be teaching me about supernatural gifts, just as I’d asked heaven to do. However, I soon realised these were words given for not just me, but for everyone. Hence the first book I ever published, A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing was given to me over a period of two weeks.

The wording confused me, as it was given from heaven, yet they used words one would never associate as being from God and in ways they’d never spoken to me before. Instead, some of it was words usually associated with man’s ways and teachings. However, ‘they’, (heaven), said it had to be published, so publish it I did.

As my work progressed over the years and my gifts grew, the ways I worked and how information was given to me changed. Confusion yet again set in. Why would they give me all the things they had before, then suddenly change it to ways sounding more as religious people would wish to read?

It was at this point I decided to unpublish the earlier books, believing it wrong, that maybe I’d been misled. Only now, I realise I wasn’t. The confusion has gone. The same basic teachings are in both sets of books, but just talked of in different ways to reach as many people as possible.

Heaven was doing what was necessary. They wanted to teach and reach people from all walks of life from religious and non religious viewpoints. To do this they had to speak to people in terminology each person could understood and relate to as individuals.

It used to bother me that religious people would not read my books due to seeing I’d written some about mediumship, and that anyone into new age or ways of spiritualism wouldn’t like them because God is talked of. I was walking a middle path – and still am, but those two paths need to be joined together as one, but in the right ways and not as most do it or believe it should be done.

The calling up of spirits to order, as taught in far too many places, is shown to be wrong and displeasing to Him. This is why heaven teaches the difference in psychic gifts and mediumship. Calling up spirits can and does happen, but this is never right as they are never what people assume them to be. Predictions and Prophecies (aka The Spirit World Speaks) warns us what happens when this is done – and the aftermath.

Now I realise, that if anyone is meant to be helped and reached, they won’t be put off by other titles written by me – or as given by heaven. Those who God wishes to reach will be reached. Those who seek and are truly ready to find the truth, will find that truth.

I’ve learnt to listen at last to what I always tell others, God doesn’t make mistakes, man does. That being the case, if heaven gave me the words for those earlier books and wanted them published, it is because God wanted to reach people who will read them.

Likewise with the later books. Some will read the books from both sets in order to learn all God wishes us to hear, others will choose only which they think suits them. It will take me a short while, but I am currently preparing my first ever book, A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing by revising it.

As it was the first ever book I wrote, or should I say that was given to me, it wasn’t edited. In my naïveté, I thought as the words came from heaven they shouldn’t be changed in any way. I now realise editing doesn’t mean changing words or the message.

I am, therefore, now editing the book, plus updating the conclusion which will be in my words, not theirs. The other books that were unpublished will follow soon after when I have time to edit those also. It is time people saw how those chosen to have the supernatural gifts of God, are naturally developed by heaven.

By reading all the books from the start to present day, it is possible for anyone wishing to understand such matters, to see how the path can take us from God, to man’s ways and then back to God’s. We need to learn to listen only to Him and not anyone else. God gave us the gifts, so who better to teach us how and when to use them?

If nothing has ever happened to anyone naturally, then it is not meant to be forced in classes or by anyone. If things have happened naturally, why do we think we have to make it unnatural all of a sudden by forcing it by demand? This book teaches us all we need to know about such matters and every chapter is in words given by heaven and not from me.

As the President of one spiritualist church once said to me after being given a copy to read, “Every Spiritualist and Orthodox Church should have a copy of this book”. Coming from a spiritualist who later left that movement, maybe God’s words reached her because she already knew the truth in her own heart, but only became ready to accept them after heaven touched her heart and opened it to truth properly. Will they reach yours and do the same?

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