A Healing World

It cannot be ignored what is presently happening worldwide with the Corona Virus. Many people are dying and many more are infected and have been, or are, very poorly. Even the young are now being heard to have died from it, but is it all bad and doom and gloom? No, it isn’t. It’s the opposite.

I have no idea if this is part of the prediction I was given about major things to happen to wake people up and force them to listen to warnings given by heaven, but I feel it is. Everything God does, or allows to happen ends in good. This virus is on a scale that is of almost biblical proportions.

It might appear to be bad due to the deaths, but it is showing so much positivity too. Look at the world and how it is healing itself. We were told in the book heaven gave me nine years ago (Predictions and Prophecies) that if we all changed our ways, we could avoid so much destruction and disasters from happening.

No one has listened but a few. People ridiculed and mocked, preferring things they can twist to suit their own lives. Many still do, but look at the results of just a couple of months. The world has changed in ways far larger than anyone could have hoped or expected.

We’re constantly reading and hearing reports about wildlife behaving as not seen for many years. Coming back to places they haven’t been seen for a long time. Nature is recovering, even the ozone layer we are told has healed slightly. Instead of so much badness, hate and aggression seen everywhere, even though that is still there, we are now seeing far more goodness, kindness, compassion and caring to total strangers.

Light has entered our world and is at long last overshadowing the darkness seen for too long. People are talking of God again and starting to want Him back in their lives. We were told this would have to happen and with this virus, I believe we’re seeing the first of the big things to bring about such changes.

We can’t be complacent and think once this is over life will be fine again, because it won’t. There is more to come, but in different ways. Death tolls will again be high, but it is to happen to make those still ignoring why this is happening start to question just as others are.

The sad truth is, just like 9/11, once the weeks passed by, people went back to normal day life. Those who stopped and did incredible things for strangers, went back to not noticing those in need as their everyday life continued just as it did before the tragedy. A few changed for the better and stayed that way, but most others went right back to how they were before. The same will happen this time and that is why more has to happen and closer together – just as warned – in order for that goodness to stay and not be forgotten.

It has to happen for the world to be allowed to heal for longer and not just for a few short weeks or a month or two. So much else has already happened with escalating wildfires, flooding and climate changes all talked of as being, ‘record breaking’ just as described and told it would.

Now this is happening. The first of what I call, ‘the biggies’ designed to make the world wake up and take notice. How much longer can people keep ignoring the words we were given to help guide us and show us what was to come and what we need to do? This virus will come to an end, but then what? Are you ready for what else is to follow?

Do you even know what else is to happen? Some of us do, but most refuse to even look to see, because they’d rather carry on being told they’re wonderful and don’t need to change who they are or how they live. Well I’m telling you now, we do need to change who we are and what we do – every single one of us. We’ve been warned and practically all people have chosen to ignore those warnings.

It isn’t everyone else who needs to change, it’s us. You, me and everyone else around us. Until we do, be ready for more disasters to come that will shock the world when they happen.

This isn’t a doom, gloom and scare you blog post even though it does sound scary. It’s just sharing what we’ve been asked to share in hope some will listen and want to help change the planet and all on it for the better. It is hoped that by listening and changing our ways, more will want to see the healing of the world and the kindness of people that we’re seeing now grow.

Will you help, or will you go back to normal living after this is over? Most people ignore the book below, as it doesn’t pander to their ego or enable them to carry on living how they wish. It speaks truths most don’t want to hear. It asks us all to change.

Will you be one of the ones to ignore it and pretend it isn’t all happening and not pertinent to you, or will you be one of the brave ones ready to read what’s asked of us and start those changes to improve and save our world? So many of us have tried to tell you and now, you’re seeing the proof all around you of how if each of us changed our ways, the world would heal.

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