Covid-19 and Easter

Covid-19, or Corona Virus, is something we can compare to Easter. That might sound strange to anyone reading this, but both the virus and Easter are about death and suffering, they also both show results in something positive.

With Easter, we look at and remember Christ’s suffering and ultimate death. We know He was suffering to save us from our sins, even those who do not know Him. He suffered greatly, but such good came from his sacrifice and still will if we allow it to again. The world changed and can change again now if we want it to.

Easter may well be about death, but it is also about resurrection and re-birth. A time for new beginnings. We are urged to use this time for reflecting on life, repenting, starting anew, renewing our Baptismal vows for those who are baptised. It is a time for all of us to reject Satan – everyone can do that whether baptised or not. Everyone can decide to choose good over bad.

We are given hope, that after such darkness will come light. Light that will bring us to a much better understanding of life and how we should all be living. This is where we can see the same happening with the global deadly virus everyone is trying to cope with right now.

Like Easter, people are focusing on the unfair death and suffering of so many with Covid-19 and those trying to save them, but they should also do what those celebrating Easter do as well. Focus on the positives it is bringing. Look how the world is renewing and healing itself. Look how so many good people who were once hidden are now shining brightly in their goodness.

We have been warned time and again we need to change our ways and come back to God. That we had made our world a materialistic and selfish one where God was banished by so many. He was banished in favour of worldly goods, false promises and temptations so many now see as their only focus in life. Remember how Satan tempted Jesus in the desert? This is what he’s been doing to the world for so long now.

Those temptations have seen greed grow on an unprecedented scale. Lack of family life or values, self absorption, disrespect, depravity and immorality like never seen in our lifetime is what has been destroying our world and all living in it. This is our wake up call and we need to listen and take note.

Christ’s suffering and crucifixion was a wake up call to those living in His time. Covid -19 is ours. It’s a wake up call with a request to reflect and contemplate on how we live and how our actions and behaviour reflects on all living things around us, be it plant life, the planet, animal life or human beings. We are unable to go out, so have been given plenty of time to do just that – reflect and contemplate.

We have forgotten to take care of all of the simple, good things in life in our need and lust for all the temptations on offer that have gradually and steadily taken over the majority of the world. Things and ways of life that have taken so many people further and further from God and all He asks of us.

Covid-19 is a reminder. There is something far greater than us out there no matter what your belief or unbelief. This shows there is. These deaths we’re seeing are as unfair as Christ’s own death was. The healing seen now is no different either.

We have to focus on what we’re seeing worldwide. Focus on not just the sadness, but the positive outcome of so much else globally. See the goodness, see the light people are shining everywhere. See how the planet is healing itself, how all of Nature, plant life and the animal kingdom are flourishing as not seen for many, many years.

These are lessons given to us. We have been given time to sit and think about what’s happening. Time given us to reflect on why this healing is happening and recognise it’s because a change in our behaviour has been forced on us.

God told us He was claiming back His world and He is. Evidence is everywhere we look. All the warnings given, that were mostly ignored, have been increasing for the last couple of years just as we were told they would. Look back over almost a decade ago to see those warnings and how they’re now coming true.

Disaster would follow disaster. Floods, fires and disease would all be seen as never before and would be of almost biblical proportions is what we were warned about. Weather changes would be experienced in countries never experiencing such things before. Climate and seasonal changes and much more with worldwide records being broken have all been seen to happen, just as we were told they would, but people ridiculed.

Sadly, many still ridicule. Many more though are starting to realise there is something happening in our world that man cannot explain, no matter how much scientist’s want to, they can’t explain all of it. What they can do, is talk about it after it’s happened and try to say why they think it has. They can tell us what changes brought it about, but without true understanding of why those changes underground and in the air have been happening to start with.

People are starting to question what is happening and what better time than Easter? This is an Easter such as never been seen before, but this is when those who truly worship and love God and goodness will pray earnestly. This Easter is likely to be the holiest and most honest prayer the world has ever seen. That is thanks to Corona Virus. Due to this virus, churches and other places of worship are shut.

This will be an Easter of  pure prayer said from the depth of the hearts of those saying them. Prayer will be undiluted, due to it being said by those offering up their hearts to God in private – one to one. No one is there to see them pray, no one will know they’ve done so apart from God and heaven. This is what will make that prayer so pure, so true, so strong. This means only those true to God and meaning the words they say will be praying.

That purity and intensity of prayer will be as none other. For once, those praying will be united in prayer and not divided – as always is seen to be the case normally. Let this be an Easter the world will remember for all the right reasons, just as they remember that time two thousand years ago.

No matter the religion one follows – or doesn’t, this is a time the whole world is united as one. No division to be seen anywhere. We are all praying for the same things. Easter is not celebrated by all people, but they recognise, just as we do about their faith and traditions, that this is a holy time of year. What better time to unite in prayer together.

Acknowledge the sadness of the occasion, but celebrate the positive outcomes we’re seeing now, as a result of such sadness. Contemplate and reflect not just on your own lives and how they can be improved upon, but also on the positive outcomes our world is seeing right now, just as we saw with the resurrection of Our Lord.

This is a time of hope and new birth for all mankind, the planet, Nature and our animal kingdom. Let’s not waste it. Let us do the world proud and keep it healing as it is now. Let us not go back to old ways as soon as this is over just as so many did with 9/11.

Let us remember how we managed to survive this time in simplicity and still enjoy life. How that simplicity made us find each other and see kinder people around us and inside us all. Let us remember that kindness and caring people showed to each other. Let us keep those things up and not slip back so quickly into the ways that were destroying our world and us as people.

Most of all, let that light you’ve all been shining around the world keep shining. Reach out to one another, help each other. Tend their needs before your own. The darkness we’ve been seeing worldwide for so long has all but been obliterated thanks to all of you in the last months, let’s keep that going. Together, we can do this.



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