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Prayer for Mercy

Prayer for all essential workers losing their lives to Covid-19 and for all others who have lost their lives sooner than expected in any way due to the line of duty, or as (extra)ordinary civilians looking out for the safety of others.


Dear Lord, we pray for all the people throughout the world who have given their lives so others might live. They gave the ultimate sacrifice in order to save others in their time of need, just as You gave Your life for us all so we too may live.

We ask if any died before having time to repent, that You find it in Your Blessed Heart to show mercy to them, forgive them their sins and bring them to everlasting life with You.

For no greater sacrifice or gift can mankind offer, than to give his/her life to save the life of another. In Your mercy Lord, receive their souls, forgive them all their trespasses against you and take them to be with You for eternity in Paradise –  until we meet again. We thank you, Amen.

~Lorraine Holloway-White~

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