Being Kind and Keeping Faith

     This year has been an exceptionally hard year for everyone worldwide. So many people have their own worries, stresses and strains to cope with in normal everyday life, but add a deadly virus on top of that which takes you away from family, friends and normal everyday life, then how much worse those troubles are.

    Anything we’d usually do that helps take our mind off worries and troubles for a while has often been denied us this year. This is why it is more important than ever to be kind to ourselves and to all others around us.

    Life has a habit of throwing many things our way that can be very hard. Some of us suffer far more than others and have very hard lives in every way possible. Others have just a few troubles and worries here and there, but each worry, each spot of upset, stress and bother puts a strain on our mental and physical bodies.

     To us as individuals, our worries/troubles are are just as great as another person’s. It doesn’t matter if your worry is one small thing or lots of major things, each person struggles with what is in their own life. Covid has magnified these worries a hundredfold in some cases.

     This year has been a particularly hard one again for my family. In fact, the last few years have been and it has been very hard to keep faith.  It has been the hardest of times and still is. I have found it very difficult to write my blog posts, keep updating my pages and write more books for a while now due to everything going around in my mind of personal matters.

     That doesn’t mean I’ve lost my faith due to all that’s happening, I haven’t, but it has been tested badly and still is being. The whole family are feeling the same, but we are accepting God knows why so much sadness has been in our lives without ceasing. We still pray daily and have trust, but there are some days that trust and faith has a wobble because we are human and suffer human emotions and doubts.

     It is hard to sit and watch those you love suffering, struggling and trying hard to be brave when there is nothing you can do for them. To have to see all of this during Covid has been so much harder as people have to stay away from each other. 

     We are not alone, many families are going through the same as we are or have other struggles which test one’s faith. This is when we find out who really does trust in God and who doesn’t. How easy it is to have hope, trust and faith when life is plain sailing, we’re happy or there is just an odd thing here and there to go through.

     When one bad or sad thing follows another, then another and another constantly with all other things happening at the same time for several years, it is hard to accept what is happening and stay strong. Very hard indeed. One eventually questions why so much is happening and where God is in all the prayers that are said. It’s when we feel so abandoned in hope that our faith is sorely tested. It is hard, so hard to keep that faith and trust in God at times.

     As a family, we are lucky our faith is strong, but how much more can happen to one family and how much longer can that faith survive intact? Then I think of Job and all he suffered and went through. His patience, trust, hope and faith were what we all need to look at and use as our inspiration.

     We look at Jesus and all He suffered and went through knowing His Mother and Father (both earthly and heavenly fathers), had to stand by and were unable to do anything except be there for Him as things had to take their course. This is what has to happen in our lives too.

     2020 has been another very hard year, but this time, it has affected every person in the world in one way or another. It is a year we would all do well to sit back and reflect on. Look at changes it has brought to many of us. Some bad others good. Some changes were  of our making due to how we reacted to such changes, others were out of our control.

     I’m hoping those who have a new found sense of compassion, caring, kindness and love for others, animals and the planet due to this pandemic allow those changes to stay with them. Use this year as something to look back and reflect on. Look how at the start materialism, greed and selfishness saw a decline as better qualities came to the forefront with many.  

     Light once again shone brighly in our world overshadowing the darkness we’ve seen for so long now. Sadly, it never lasted very long, but it did with some people and this can be built on. Their light is what gives the rest of us hope we will get through this hard time we’re all going through. That and other things life throws at us in the future can be overcome if we remain strong in our faith and love for God while placing our trust in Him.

     No matter what we have suffered as individuals or as families, let us take heart and have hope in our hearts. Let us go into 2021 with love for one another, care for each other, having only compassion and kindness in our hearts. If this year has taught us anything, it is that without love, without kindness, without God we are nothing. Nothing is in our control as regards our destiny or the world we live in. It is out of our hands and all the money in the world cannot change a thing.

     God does not do bad things, but He does allow things to happen in life for us to learn and grow from. Remember, Satan too exists and tries hard to disrupt our lives in any way he can. It is trials that help us learn about ourselves, about others and are what we are here to grow from. Such lessons in life are the most valuable gifts we can have in so many ways. No matter how hard they are, it is how we react, behave, think that will define us and either lose or save our souls when it is time for us to leave this world.

     Will we use these lessons to grow from and look deep within so we can learn to really put all our faith in God and come to know Him on a much greater level? Or will we use them to do what Satan is desperate to see? His wish is to see us turn into people filled with hate, aggression, bitterness and walking away from God blaming Him for natural disasters, illness, disease, or badness created by or done by others. Who will you let win, God or Satan?

     Yes, this has been an exceptionally hard year, but our wish for the New Year will be one where we are at last all united rather than torn apart and divided as so many worldwide are right now. For once, we will be united in hoping 2021 will see an end to the pandemic and be a better year for the world. I pray for my family, I pray for my friends and I pray for all of you.

     I might be very quiet right now for which I apologise, but be assured my work continues quietly and my prayers for you all are still said daily. It might be early in December to say this, but I wish you all a Happy Hanukkah/Christmas and a happy, healthy and better 2021. May God bless you all,

With love always to you all, Lorraine xx


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2 responses to “Being Kind and Keeping Faith

  1. Dear Roma, please let me first of all apologise for my rudness to you. I have no doubt it would have been due to the word ‘spiritualist’ 🙂 Yes, I have great aversion to that movement having seen it first hand for two years and knowing hardly anything in there to be genuine. That said, I don’t ‘hate’ anyone as that is a pretty ugly emotion, but I do dislike them intensely for good reason which I have explained in other books and blogs posts and which I will to you if we speak.

    There are some genuinely gifted people and lovely people within there who are sadly led FAR astray from true gifts and taken instead into parrot fashion man made ways by people who aren’t gifted and who know no better – despite calling themselves ‘trained mediums’!

    This is the problem caused by religions who REFUSE point blank to help or guide those coming to them for help. Because of that, people end up in the wrong places. Spiritualism/NewAge and Religious beliefs on these matters are in desperate need of true guidance and teaching. Sadly, no one wants to hear true teachings and guidance due to the fact they can control or brainwash anyone coming to them with their own ideas. At least in religion they don’t encourage people to call up spirits (SO dangerous) or for it to be done standing on stages and doing readings/demonstrations to order or make money.

    They also warn of the dangers which none of the others do – and yes, I know for fact about this which is why I am so against them. Any guidance they do try to give is so weak it is tragic and scary.

    All of that said, I actually do not teach Catholicism despite you saying I do, I teach what heaven gives me to teach and that is not of any religion at all. If there is a great likeness to Catholicism, then that should tell us Catholic teaching is closest to what God asks of us and what our supernatural gifts are about and who they’re from. That said, religion is made of man, God’s Church on the other hand is made up only of everyone He created and is of no building or religion. MAN made religion, not God. There are two Churches, God’s and man’s.

    The biggest problem we have today is everyone feels they need to be given a title or a ‘thing’ they belong to when in fact, those closest to God are often those not professing to follow or know him.

    Thank you for reading my books and yes, I would be most interested to see what words you were given. It sounds to me like you ended up within the group you did due to nowhere else to go – that is what happened to me, but I’m lucky I saw they were nothing of true gifts and eventually walked away after learning enough to teach about genuine gifts from false ones. I also don’t feel a need to give myself a title of belonging to anything or any group. I was happy to walk alone and let my gifts develop naturally as they always had, most aren’t. There are still many truly good and gifted people caught up in this horrible false movement just as there are many caught up in the false charasmatic movements seen in the Christian Church – Protestant and Catholic.

    My job is to teach, not to be popular and truth never is popular with people. Those able to see truth will often persevere, just as you have proven by reading my books and contacting me. Just as I proved by keeping testing and listening to heavenly guidance not man’s.
    I have no doubt from what you say you are someone genuinely gifted and have used your gifts in ways not as taught by those in it for all the wrong reasons.

    I would love to talk with you too as I’m sure we’ll find we actually have a lot in common. If you would like to message me, my email address is lorrainehw(at)yahoodot codot uk – obviously not done that way literally 🙂 My Skype name is lorrainehw.

    Thank you so much for contacting me and reaching out and I hope we can speak very soon, Lorraine x

  2. Dear Lorraine,

    Firstly thank you for your prayers and I do so hope all your troubles, for you and family, are resolved pdq!
    Recently I have bought The Spirit World Speaks and The Heavenly Diaries on kindle. I found them interesting and yes repetitive in places as you pointed out, nevertheless I persevered and was glad I did as I felt I ‘got to know you’.

    I am one of those people you hate! not that I go around serving Spiritualist Churchs although I have been a member of said churches for years and have done all other material tasks within them. I might add here that the SNU has changed considerably since I first joined a church in Bristol back in 1962. (yes I am 88), and that a lot of Spiritualists are not happy about the way it has ‘progressed’.

    I went on platform as a probationary medium three times in the 60s and seemingly did quite well, nevertheless I (not the church) decided it was not for me.

    Over the years I have read a lot of books, sat in circles and on my own at home, meditated I suppose you would call it. I now know a hell of a lot more but, as you know, the more you know the more you realise you don’t know.
    Now I do have a very close link with Spirit and have had personal healing on several occasions during the day and night, mostly unsought by me. Mainly for osteo arthritis. Recently, just before covid became widely known they operated on my side without me knowing. I discovered the scar one or two days later when I wondered what I could feel on my side. My daughter looked and found the red scar a few inches long and not yet healed. I have been told that they are looking after me and keeping me going as I have work to do.

    Sorry this is long winded but I have had to ‘set the scene’ so to speak if only to be fair to you.

    About a year ago (before covid) I was impressed to finish something started in my mind several years ago. Not a book, not needed to get this across. It had to be one sheet of A4 both sides. Something I could type, print and give away, no money (I have never charged anyone anything for what I have done, including amateur astrology charts (no fortune telling) just so you know.) I managed to give a few away, when impressed, before covid started.

    I know you from FB and Ross Anstey. Once you were very rude and vitriolic to me there, obviously I mentioned something about spirit or mediumship and you jumped in full guns blazing so I asked Ross ‘who is this’? that is how I heard of you and your books. I, in my turn then wondered about you and what sort of person you could be to behave like that. Now I expect you are wondering about me!

    Reading in your books that the churchs and religeon have all got to go, a clean sweep. What I wrote is to do with just that and sets out what I believe I ‘know’ about how things are to be religeon wise eventually. I cannot really explain you would have to read it. So, shall I send you a copy on email. I have felt very strongly over this year that I should get in touch. Which is why I bought your books and am writing to you now.

    I don’t feel any antipathy towards you in spite of the very strong Catholiscism
    which comes across in your books. I was christened and confirmed C of E but never strong about it. I am very strong in my belief in Jesus and his teachings. He told us that we can do all He did and more besides and I have sought truth all my life. In my opinion He was a wonderful medium when on earth and still is of course. We are both in the ‘waiting game’. Enough said for now.

    I send what I call Universal Love to you and yours. God bless.

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