Followers of Heaven or Hell?

Believe in genuine mystics and listen to them carefully. They are sent to guide you on the right path and nourish your soul. Test first to be sure they are truly in communion with heaven though and not being deceived nor deceiving you. Once tested and thought to be in communion with heaven, listen to their words and learn.

Listen to every word shared no matter how some may not be to your liking, for it is those words that will lead you to God and salvation. Heaven shares words that are not always easy to hear. By listening to mystics who truly are in communion with heaven, realise you too are being allowed to share in a little touch of heaven due to listening to what they have been asked to share with you. 

Be wary though of those who claim to have communion with heaven, but who are instead in communion with the devil himself. Many of you even reading this have been taken in by his deceptions and temptations due to not testing anything that is said nor testing who says it. Listen to their words spoken. Are they just generalised and repeated constantly but in different ways. Are they not really saying anything you don’t already know or that anyone else could say?

Are they making you dig deep inside to become better people and go to places you’d rather not go in order to become better people as they should be doing? Or do they just ask you to pray and warn of things to come without saying what those things actually are, without describing them in detail?

Anyone can tell us to pray – many do and always have done. Anyone can say Our Lady or Jesus has come to them and asked them to say to you to pray, but if heaven truly was speaking, they would be saying so much more in ways no one else has already said before. They would leave nothing in doubt about what was to come and how it was to happen.

There are many people worldwide today alleging to be mystics, visionaries, seers, mediums and more who are not in communication with heaven at all. There always has been and always will be. Sadly, no one but a few tests any of them – priests and religious included sadly.

I cannot post about this enough as so few of you ever listen. Instead, words shared with little or nothing to make you change is what most want today. People think everyone but them is in need of change. By going to pilgrimage sites, places of worship and praying daily they think this somehow makes them holier, more at one with God and thereby saved.

Sadly this is when Satan is at his best. Giving false security of one’s salvation, one’s holiness and goodness. Doing those things can be good, but they are not enough. They alone don’t save anyone. It is what we do in private that matters. What we do to change our ways, thoughts, deeds. Only when we recognise how unworthy of God’s love do we start to understand what knowing and serving God is about. The rest is for show, not for anything more.

Test the fruits, of all who claim to have knowledge of things or beings beyond this world. Test their words, claims and how they word all they say and claim. Test not just the spirits from beyond our world, but also the spirit within the one professing to be in communion with heavenly or unworldly realms.

Many who claim this are themselves being deceived due to never testing and for a want to be seen as different, to be special and to be looked up to. Those who are so easily tempted into such ways are in danger of losing their souls, if they haven’t already. Much worse, they lead others into losing theirs also.

Those who never test anything deeply and consistently will be being deceived. Those who perform to crowds or audiences daily and to order or at set times are not working with or for heaven. That is not how heaven works or ever has done. Instead, they are working for you, for your wants and for your need to believe in something beyond this world. They and you are being so easily deceived because you need to see and hear such things in order to believe.

A true believer in God needs no such things and can see beyond circusry and theatre. Those performing in such ways have already been tempted into Satan’s lair without realising they have been. Don’t let them lead you there with them no matter how holy or pious they appear. Don’t let him take your soul so easily, for once it is given over to Satan and the temptations he throws your way, it is much harder to regain than it was to lose it.

Remember, it is by stealth Satan achieves his greatest work and wins the most souls from God. He has never won those already belonging to God by being obvious. If anyone wishes to deceive, they are told to stick to as near the truth as possible, for by doing so, they will be able to fool most people who listen to them and lure them in.

We are already in a spiritual battle between good and evil yet so few recognise we are, or where it is happening most. So few recognise they themselves have already been lost due to never testing a thing nor themselves.

Evil is presently winning. All anyone has to do in order to recognise this is to look around them at the state of the world and people around us. To look inside themselves at their own behaviour, thoughts, what is in their hearts and especially their deeds.

There is badness everywhere. There are false mystics, prophets, visionaries and false spiritual claims of mediums passing messages that are not from whom or where people believe them to be coming from. This is done to tempt both the one passing such messages just as much as it is those who become addicted to receiving them.

There are times God will allow such things to happen, but they are rare and never as seen done by such people. It is most definitely never for money, by demand or to a set timetable. Nor is it ever addictive as it brings peace rather than unrest and a need to keep seeking for more.

Your lust for magic, for miracles, for a need to believe only by seeing or hearing such things is no different to doubting Thomas. Please, do not be as him. Do not be led into such temptations and addictions as many of you already are. If you need all of those things or even any one of them to believe in God, heaven and the hereafter, you are not a true follower of God.

Choose wisely who you trust and follow. Test all the time. Walk away immediately from anyone who is upset by you not believing their words, visions or claims and by you testing them. A true follower, a true believer, a true mystic/visionary will test every time and expect you to do the same. If they don’t, they are not what or who they claim to be and are certainly not communicating with heaven.

We are in this battle already and have been for quite some time. It is now getting far worse and much stranger. We’re in it together, but so few are bothering to fight for the right side – or fight at all. Whose side are you on and are you a warrior and believer enough to walk away from all that has led you into temptation thus far, or are you in so deep you cannot find your way out again?

Pray, pray without ceasing and place your trust, faith and hope in God, not those who profess to be working with Him as easily, casually and immodestly as so many claim to do. Do you worship, glorify and follow those claiming to be working for God, or does what they say and do make you worship and follow God and Him alone as it should be?

Do not be as those who are so easily led and deceived, instead, be as God’s likeness which is how He asks us to be. Do not follow false prophets, seers or anyone else claiming to have communion with those beyond our world without testing them and their works thoroughly every single time they speak.

We were warned there would be false teachings, teachers and prophets aplenty. This is now evident in our world as the growth of these ways is far greater than the growth of God’s Church. If that, the proof of seeing a lack of fruits in God’s Church and a huge decline in it instead doesn’t show you anything about it being due to following false seers and teachers today, nothing will.

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  1. Hi Lorraine.
    Everything with us is good,

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  2. What a wonderful surprise to see you after all this time Ron. You take care and keep safe too. Love to you as ever and hope all going well? xx

  3. Interesting information for the unwary.

    Take care and stay safe.

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  4. Yes we do Ann and so few bother or think testing necessary sadly. You too stay safe in these most difficult of times xxx

  5. Thank you, Lorraine, we all have to be careful . Stay safe…

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