Death of the Church

     It hurts and upsets me so terribly to see such division between people professing to know and love God. The worst is those who bitterly and aggressively put down anyone who has not been baptised and doesn’t know Jesus as being the Son of God.

     How dare these people claim others will not in that case be saved or allowed to enter the Kingdom of God? What gives them the right to make such a claim so cruelly and harshly to others? How is that attitude and thought of anything to do with God or possibly be from people who claim to actually know Him?

     Why is the Church allowing people to say these things and condoning it even from their own leaders let alone laypeople? Was Moses baptised? Were Adam and Eve baptised, were Abraham, Our Blessed Mother, Joseph or so many others who now sit in heaven? No they weren’t, so how come they are in heaven? Is it only Catholics or Christians allowed to be admitted and saved?

    What an horrendous, archaic and misguided attitude this is. How very unlike God in any way. Not all will know Jesus. Not all will know God as we do, but He didn’t tell us those who don’t know Him will be denied forgiveness and admittance to Paradise, it is mankind who say this. 

    Jesus turned to the thief hanging on the cross next to Him, the one who begged His forgiveness, and told him that today he would be in Paradise with Him. Was that man baptised? No, he wasn’t and yet Jesus forgave him his sins, thereby granting him eternal life in heaven.

     It is time people stopped this horrendous superior attitude and learnt humility. Look inside yourselves and see your own sins. It is not looking at the sins of others that will save us. Nor is it telling others that due to being baptised you are automatically granted eternal life.

     You say you do know Jesus and yet you deny Him by each breath you take when speaking as you do towards others in such ways and making such claims. You are less likely to be saved and be allowed into heaven than the greatest sinner who has never known Jesus but who repents his sins deeply and means it from the bottom of his heart.

     You wonder why people are turning away from religion, and in turn from God each day. It is because of such behaviour, words and deeds shown towards others from hypocrites who should be ashamed of their judgement and attitude. You say you want to strengthen and build the Church and yet you systematically destroy it by such behavior and attitudes. 

     You say you want to be united and yet you divide from others daily. Religious leaders are as much to blame as you are. In fact, they are far worse, for their attitude is no different and they are the ones meant to be guiding God’s flock. It is for this reason the Church is gradually dying. Leaders and followers alike are as far removed from God as they can be in far too many cases. 

    I am horrified every time I go on the Vatican News page at seeing the venom, spite, bitterness and anger aimed towards anyone not Catholic. Hatred aimed at the pope for teaching how wrong their attitude is when he tries to guide them back to God’s ways. This badness isn’t from all atheists by any means. It is often from the mouths of people professing to be Christians of one denomination or the other.

I adore God with all my heart. I believe in Jesus and all His teachings. I believe in the Blessed Trinity and I believe religion can be good if followed as God asks of us – no matter what religion or by whatever name others call Him. Despite believing all of this, I am very often ashamed to be a Christian. The reason I am ashamed is due to the badness, the superiority, the fighting and division of so many under that banner whether as leaders or followers.

I believe in good people, whether they be followers of a religion or of none. I believe in love, unity, kindness, humility, compassion, generosity of heart and honesty. These and so much more is what God looks for in all of us, but often struggles to find. Sadly, these things are missing in the hearts of so many professing to love, follow and serve Him. They are seen on the surface of so many, but they are hidden when one seeks deeper within that person and more is asked of them.

The Church will continue to die and will never strengthen and grow while we all remain so divided and superior to one another. We will NEVER destroy or defeat Satan while we all remain as we are now. The bad are all united, their strength showing in the increasing badness seen throughout our world. Imagine how different that could and would be if those following God were as united and came togther spreading only goodness, light and love instead of what we see now.

Nothing is more evil than Satan and nothing is more powerful than God. Many say the side they have chosen, but have yet to show it in their deeds as well as their words. Words are cheap, let your deeds now speak for you instead of your voice. Together, we can build and strengthen the Church, the Church that is not a building nor any religion. The Church that is God’s people – every single person He created in love and who He wants to see saved.

Love thy neighbour as thyself. One doesn’t have to like a person’s deeds to love them. God doesn’t like many of us or how we live and behave, but He still loves us and is prepared to forgive us even the worst of sins imaginable – IF we truly repent. He asks only that of us, that we are the same towards others as He is towards us.

Divided as we all are now, His Church will continue to die as it is dying more and more each year. Soon, there will be nothing left and that will be the fault of every single person professing to love God, but who refused to unite preferring instead to keep alive division and disdain for others who are different to them or who follow a different faith.

One day, each of us will stand before Him and have to answer for what we have done as He passes final judgement on us as individuals. Will YOU be one of those responsible for destroying His Church and the fate it is heading for? If so, let us hope you are also prepared to accept the result of such careless and wanton destruction of all He entrusted you to cherish and care for when standing before Him on that day He decides your fate too.

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  1. Very well put! We are all children of God, no matter what Faith we follow. No one has the right to say to anyone, that because they are not Baptized, that they will not get into Heaven. Thank you, Lorriane, for posting this.

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