Message for the World

These are words and visions given to me recently. I feel they are part of a message I am to give to the world, but the actual warning of what and where this is to be is not to be revealed yet. This initial warning has been given in two parts. I feel sure I know the meaning, what is to happen and where as that has already been told me, but I have to wait to share that part till I am allowed to tell you. Today and last night, I felt it was time to reveal these initial words and visons to those ready to read and possibly share them. When the actual message in its totality will be allowed to be shared with you all remains to be seen. In God’s time, not mine.

Then look at the part from November. Putting the two tgether, I am now wondering if this was a warning about Russia/Ukraine?

30th July 2021 

Tumultuous seas with big waves. Blue sea – showing me it is blue. There is going to be real turmoil. Not sure it will literally be at sea but showing me a storm.

A sheep’s head, a lamb rather than a sheep. Gentle sheep’s head coming out of the storm. I am seeing acres of people so clearly but no idea who they are or why we’re seeing them.

Oh, there is Our Lady. Big in the middle. The way she stands with her hands out to the side and the snake under her feet. No stars around her head but she is there for a reason…

…she is trying to crush him. Others too and she is trying to crush them. Now I’m being shown she’s picked her veil up and put it over the side of her face covering her mouth but not her nose. I wonder why. Peculiar, but I’ve seen it clearly. Ahhh, I am being given a feeling of her being in disguise and not wanting others to know she’s there. I am allowed to know where but others aren’t allowed to yet. Where is ‘there’ and who are the others?

Now there is red, red. A river of red coming down like blood. Like water is running red with blood. Now the veil is lifted from her face and her hand is up to the left side over her nose and mouth.

Deep wide river. Blood on the other side of her too. It is all red around her. Whether it’s blood or not, no idea but all red. Also heavens light and a beautiful blue. Glorious blue. There has to be something happening with death or upset of something.

Now a dagger. Not a dagger, a sword. Why am I seeing this? No, I see, it is St. Michael and she and he keep changing from him to her and back again. It is to show me they are both there together. We are both here together in battle and when we do, blood is going to be spilt, we are in battle.

A female and she is pointing out at something. She is in the red pointing as though in anger, as though defying them (Our Lady and Saint Michael) asking who they think they are. There is a darkness all around her. Something is coming soon, something is close. Blood is going to run, it is going to be spilt. I cannot get out of my head that this might be part of the message I am to be giving. Part of it.

I am seeing colours that are quite incredible. Never seen colours like this before. Water is churning and the red is running down like on a cliffside. Red, dark red. Not like fire. A lot more red, deep and dark, so deep, so dark.

I think there is a boat in water that is sinking. It is tilted up. Like a fishing boat or something. I cannot get over how much red is being seen. Not all over but so much, so very much.

Now water and waves like heavenly white and a lovely colour blue on top of the white. Now it’s changed and it is not so red now. It’s more a sort of darker, different colour again now. A greeny grey tinge barely perceptible as being colour.

There is someone sitting at the bottom wearing a bishop’s mitre and he is underneath all this his face is looking very saddened.

‘M’ again. One on its own. Might not be anything. I am seeing flames around, somewhere is raging, a fire is raging. It is eating up somewhere destroying it. No idea why I’m seeing it. A face is there enveloped in flames. There is a person under there. I am not seeing colour now but am being told it is yellow flames. There must be something about this person as they are still in the flames.

Again the red. There is definitely going to be bloodshed somewhere. Something HUGE, A HUGE capital ‘M’, but who or what is that? It is huge, just as the initial is huge.

Now a mountainside. A rock face I’m seeing. A tiny cluster of people on one side looking down into what appears to be beautiful white but not sure what the white is. Almost like they’re looking at something, not a cross or is it a statue of Jesus with arms out. Not sure what it is but they’re looking over at it and they’re all enclosed in white as though they’re all good, but then the statue or cross is in something darker and not so good, then enveloped in red. It is of something not so good. Five people all enclosed in white.

Now a hand is going over and touching whatever that is. Cross, statue? This really is a total rock face or side of a mountain up a mountain. They’ve climbed up there. Oh, now three more people further down. It is almost like Joseph leading the way with Our Lady following behind and a person bent right over in half holding onto her and following behind – they’re all encased in goodness and light. There is a lot of goodness there but there is also a lot of bad, a lot of bad. There is a very narrow cross now appeared halfway up there and it has Jesus on it and it’s like he’s being ignored. They’re all going down this other path and all encased in light. Yes, it is like Jesus is being ignored. It is at night time I believe.

Oh, sly as a fox. A mix of a sly fox with a pig’s snout. Satan is around, but where is he around? What is this now about?

17th August 2021 

I see what appears to be maybe Jesus with a different head on his body. The body is as He is portrayed, but the face has changed and is not what people think to be Him. Now I see Satan underneath Him showing himself as large and proud to be there in front of me. The body I saw is not Jesus, it is Satan masquerading as Him.

At first I saw nothing and now, everything around the edge has gone pink, but I don’t feel this is a pink to show peace, joy, love. Instead, I feel this is a warning of something. It’s as though the air has turned pink or the sky all around as it is looked at. Yes, the sky is to turn pink…

Now there is pale blue. All underneath and across everywhere beneath the sky the air is tinged with pale blue for some reason. Swirling, something swirling. There appears to be a rock face as someone is clinging on and their face is turned to the left as they are looking down.

Two streams of white – very narrow – running down the rock face and reaching the white swirling beneath at the bottom. Is this water I wonder? The two streams and white at the bottom they are running into look as a heavenly light, really bright white. I wonder what this means.

The pale blue is deepening in colour as it all swirls around everywhere blue/grey. It is getting thicker, deeper.

I now see someone kneeling, looking up to heaven and praying hard. This is not a person of this world I don’t think. This is someone once here and now departed. A heavenly soul. I see just above them a large cross but there is no figure on the cross as one would expect to see, there is instead, a person hanging upside down by their feet on one side of the cross. On the arm of the cross on the left hand side as we look at it. Whatever does this mean and who is it? It’s as though I’m being shown someone really bad is to be punished by God and that it’s something to do with Jesus and the cross in some way. Is it bad religious I’m being shown who are to be punished? Why has that thought come into my head? Yes, I believe this is to punish those who let this happen.

Gosh, there is to be great torment and punishment for those who have lost too many souls. It is near, it’s almost here now and when their time comes it is to be horrible to witness, as some will be witnessed indeed. It is to show others what lies in wait for them too if they carry on as they have before without testing anything or anyone and believing all the lies and deceit that has gone on for so long. It is almost upon them this is now to change and it will be in an instant it happens.

The one who kneels in prayer knows what lies ahead and is praying hard for their souls that God might be merciful. We too have to pray I feel for their souls and to ask God to be merciful to them. They are to be used to teach the world a lesson in how they must test and not believe all they see and hear so easily. So much has gone on that is wrong and led so many astray, but much good was there too. I am to tell them about the good, the greater good and teach how we must test these things if we do not wish to end up as those we are to witness.

Start warning them, start telling them and teaching them. See the One with a great burden upon His back. He is carrying the sins of the world upon His shoulders. Now it changes and it is not the sins He is carrying now, the time for that has passed, now it is the people. Those who can be saved; those who will listen and change; learn by what they are to be told and hear. They are the ones He now carries upon His back. Those who are to be saved. He is carrying them all and helping them. They aren’t aware He is doing so, but they are to be told this is what He is doing. They can lighten His load as it is a heavy burden to carry, but it can be lightened each time a person listens and changes. Each person who learns by their mistakes, will lighten His load. We have to listen, we have to change, we have to do all we can to help Him help us.

He came once to help us, to teach us and through me with these words, He is asking us, teaching us once again to listen, to learn, to not be taken in so easily by Satan. We can make a difference, but we have to want to. He sighs as we turn our back on Him and His heavenly Father. He is doing all He can to help people listen, but they turn their back on those sent to help in this task. We have to be ready, for the battles are now underway and are to begin in earnest. It is here upon us all and we have to be ready.

The above is, I believe, the first two parts of a message I am to give to the world. There is a third part and that part will allow me to reveal what all of this means and where this is to happen. For now, this is all I am allowed to reveal.

7th November 2021

People lying around injured but no idea why or where this is. 

What looks to be a hut or very simple house – almost like a manger one would see at Christmas. I think it IS the manger I am being shown.

Oh, now all has gone dark, very dark. The world has gone dark and at the very top I see light, but light as in the dark. It looks like the sort of light when the moon is shining behind large clouds.  God is looking down on the world that is filled with darkness.

A lions head to the left and large but also looks to be crossed with an angry … face. 

My heart is racing for some reason too.

Oh, like a hole has opened up. It feels like I am above looking down into a gaping hole. Not that large so not a sinkhole. MY first thought was this was the top of a volcano.

Part nearest me is light, bright, but the back is dark. It is all the front and about just over a half lit and brighter. White light though and not as anything coming from it. Just light.

There is darkness, I feel there is to be darkness in the world again – very dark, but why? Turmoil, things happening. Much at once but all to do with the world. We are to be ready for things to happen when  we least expect. Not all big but things not expected.

Down below, way below it looks like something flowing into the sea. Something slight. Not much. Nothing in the air from what I see, just spilling over the edge and slipping down. 

Small capital ‘M’. Always M’s

Lots of ‘K’s. I see a heart higher up too. Not a large one, just a small heart.

There are the people again lying down. Looks like maybe soldiers, but may not be. Keeps changing.

Lightning striking down from heaven – from someone doing it to the earth.

Oh God, Satan is staring right at me but not with the horns or as seen before, this is just a face that is almost animal like but his eyes are mean, hard and staring hard as though trying to stare right through me. 

His face is part sideways on, as though facing elsewhere, but his eyes are boring into mine. Strangely, it doesn’t touch me at all. It means nothing and he doesn’t affect me in any way. He has lost all power over me and he knows it.

I’m not sure if I am seeing K – M. Maybe me, but definite K and M there then another K

M and K heart

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  1. Thank you Ann, I hope so too, but sadly, people want fakery rather than truth, they want the ‘Universe’ rather than God and they prefer messages that don’t ask them to change or warn of what’s to come, but that tell them how wonderful they all are and to live as they please. Sadly, until they accept these warnings and messages, nothing will change for the better. All we can do is pray and hope eyes and ears open soon before it’s all too late. Take care dear Ann xx

  2. Thank you, Lorraine,
    I hope this message gets people to pray. Evil is trying to take over. We all have to fight so this doesn’t happen.

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