God or Religion – Which do You Serve?

     There is much talk and division in the Catholic community about the pope and his work. My mother, and she tells me my sister, are very angry at what he’s doing and changes he wants to make. I told her what I’ve been saying for years to others, there are those who follow God and there are those who follow religion.

     The two are sadly very opposite and it is this Pope Francis is working on. He is bringing back God’s laws and Christ’s teachings that have often been ignored in favour of man’s demands and laws.

     Quite a few years ago, and in one of my books, I showed publicly words given to me that said there were those in the Vatican against the pope and plotting against him. This has now been publicly stated by the pope. I for one am disgusted how religion has dominated lives, destroyed them and been so controlling in ways that very often go totally against anything good, loving or holy as God wishes of us.

     Of course people will despise him and those changes he is trying to implement. It means they will have to stop being so overly pious, holy and superior to others. It means they will have to be more tolerant, accepting, forgiving of people or ways they don’t approve of.

     Let’s get one thing straight, God created all living things and being on the planet. He loves all His creations equally. It is man who divides and tries to destroy, not God. Religion could be good and is in some ways, but it can also be very bad in many others. It has become far more about man, control, meeting demands of those within them and often, what the leaders push on everyone. It is time this stopped.

     All the words I have had from heaven say the same. We were told years ago there has to be a death of religion before it can be built up again how God wants it and in a way that is united rather than divided as now.

     We were warned by heaven nine years ago of climate changes, temperatures altering in countries not expected to see certain temperatures and weather patterns. We were warned of record breaking wildfires, weather systems, floods that would destroy towns and cities and so much more – all being seen to happen.

     We were told unless we came back to God and God’s ways that more and more disasters and destruction would happen. Disasters would come closer together and become bigger. Volcanoes would re-awaken and erupt, earthquakes become bigger and more often. We are seeing all these things happening.

     The pope is right in what he’s saying and doing. All we can hope is he listens to the right people and not the ones demanding change just to pander to more whims as we’ve seen so much of in recent years within various Christian religions.

     It is time for change, but good change. It is time people decided whether they want to be followers of religion or followers of God. You cannot be both if one goes against the other and sadly, religion is often far removed from anything of God now and goes against His laws in favour of their own.

     Look around you, proof is everywhere. Failing church numbers, vocations and so much more all because we have moved away from God and into false ways we prefer instead. So much is either about control or making God fit us rather than us fitting Him.

     False mystics and seers abound, yet are followed without testing them or what they say as though worshipping God Himself. Church leaders are seen in high numbers amongst their followers as they too refuse to test a thing. People prefer falsities that generalise and allow them to live as they please, rather than truth that makes them have to face their wrongs and change.    

     You prefer mans ways forced into religion that, despite being so controlling and divisive, fit in with your idea of making you feel pious and good. That is why so much is to be destroyed by God. He is angry at how many ignore Him and are hypocrites today. How so many prefer the rules and laws of each given religion rather than the laws God Himself gave us through His prophets and again through His Son.

     What will you choose, to continue being a hypocrite, or to think about these words and think about what the pope is doing and why he is doing it? Will you seek in order to find as we are told to do? Will you start to follow God as He asks of us rather than continue feeding into power hungry church leaders that go against all the pope is trying to do to bring us back to God?

     You were given free will and it is this free will that will decide your fate on leaving this world. Your actions now are what define you and your outcome. Choose carefully is what advice I give to you all. Whatever you decide will not only seal your own fate, but the fate of the world as those consequences we have been warned of continue to happen.

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