Your Support and Kindness Means so Much

For many years I have tried hard to do as asked of me by heaven spreading their words and visions given to me by them. Everything I do on a one to one giving guidance, counsel and help that can last for many hours, weeks or even years, has always been free of charge. That will never change. I’ve also even offered books free of charge to read online at times and may well do again in the future.

Over the earlier years of doing my blog, advertisements would pop up on here that were VERY inappropriate for a spiritual page spreading God’s love and heavens words. Something had to be done about it and so I started paying to keep it ad free and clear from inappropiate and often offensive content that clashed with the message given in blog posts.

The site has been upgraded yearly in order to prevent this happening and has now been upgraded yet again. Each upgrade costs more and more money. Paying for domain names as well for various sites sharing God’s predictions and prophecies, means it costs me at least several hundred every year. This has mounted up over a long time and with no income I’ve had to now succumb to asking for donations as so many others do in order to keep this site and my work going.

It was suggested to me I do this by many people over all these years but I’ve fought against it. Sadly, with rising costs and an increasing overdraft, I’ve had to at last give in. Blog posts have been very thin on the ground recently due to a VERY hard year in my personal life. Now things are getting back on track, new posts will start to resume gradually.

I’d like to thank, in advance, any of you kind enough to make a donation to help towards costs no matter how small or large. Your continued support and kindness over all these years is what keeps me going and what will, I hope, keep this blog going for many more years to come.

With continued love, Lorraine x

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