Easter – The Way, the Truth and The Life

What does Good Friday mean for all of us who call ourselves Christians and how many still think of Christ on this Day, all He suffered and still does for us all? Yesterday, was a day for deep reflection on His Agony in the Garden, today is a day to remember how He suffered and died for all our sins.

These two days have made me reflect on my own life in a way I’d like to share with you. A sharing in order to maybe help you with your thoughts, doubts and wavering faith due to severe hardships, stresses or strains life can bring to so many of us.

Life has been very hard indeed for all my family in ways that have been almost too much to bear. For me, it has been fifty years of horrendous abuse, stress, worry and more, all topped off with losing most of my family cruelly in a few short years. More has been running alongside such sadness too. Much badness constantly, lies and evil (both earthly and spiritually) beyond anything anyone can comprehend has been my companion for so very long now.

Through it all, for half a century, I have retained my love, faith, trust and hope in God with the belief it is all for a purpose with better things lying ahead. Fifty years of unquestioning loyalty and trust in Him. Words given to me, predictions and prophecies all published and left unwanted with doors firmly closed. No matter what I did over all the years in work and personal life, it all lay hidden, unappreciated, ignored or twisted and lied about.

None of that and none of those people matter to me now. The hurt and bewilderment of such continued badness and lies has ceased to bother me. That part of my life has been banished and soon, the legacy of it will also be left where it belongs. The only important thing was God and my work for Him. That too has been ignored, left and unwanted except by a few because, like the rest of my life, it was about truth. Truth is something so few respect in this world unless it favours them and allows them to live as they please without being answerable to anything or anyone. 

Unconditional love, humility, warnings of what would happen to the world and the innocent were all given to me in lessons and teachings from heaven that had to be shared with the world. All ignored because people didn’t like what was said if it meant they had to change their ways and lives. Why was I given all this to share for it all only to be ignored by the world in favour of teachings that let them blame others, ways that enabled them to continue living as they please? Maybe I now know why. All has to be in place and ready for when the time is right for those doors to be opened.

Yes, I questioned why doors remained shut about those predictions and prophecies, of which many have been seen to come true, but the rest of my life I never questioned. Never did I ask, “Why me, why my family?” Why should I ask those questions as everyone has to suffer in some way large or small. Why not me, why not us?

Then last year, that changed. Last year became even harder. It was just too much more far too soon. My faith wavered badly for the first time in my life. Prayers stopped being said, many of those daily prayers are still not said. Some I managed to say again religiously each night. I’m not quite ready for the rest yet though. My hope was destroyed with no belief left that there is anything better ahead. That all there is in life is more and more of the same – badness and sadness.

My faith, hope and trust in God are things that have been questioned very much in the last few months and are things I’ve struggled with badly – until yesterday and today. I started to question in the latter part of last year, “Why so much Lord. Why is my family having so much to bear? Why has the last fifty years of my life been filled with only abuse, lies, bad health and suffering daily with no respite or help given to change things for the better? Why did you give me all those words and visions to share; warnings of how we must change to help stop some of what lay ahead with disasters and so much more warned of if no one was ever to read any of it except a few?”

Already so much of those things predicted have happened, but no one but a few has seen them come true. What was the point then? Yes, I questioned for the first time. I was broken, totally broken with nothing left inside me to help carry on. Even just living was questioned. Why was I left here if all my life was to only ever be about suffering and being ignored? Then yesterday and today in my Easter reflections, I received an answer. An answer I hope will give back to those of you struggling as I have been, your faith, hope and trust in the Lord again, even if it felt it had been lost forever.

In my reflections, I thought of Christ and how He too suffered such dreadful injustice and cruelty at the hands of badness from people who professed to be good. People who on the surface appear kind and gentle, but with hard hearts really filled only with Satan. He too prayed to His Father in heaven. He too thought Himself forsaken, but where I made my big mistake was in thinking His suffering was for such a short time; that with His death, with His crucifixion, His suffering was over. It wasn’t, it was just the start.

You see, God hadn’t forsaken Him, just as He hasn’t forsaken us. He has been trying to carry us through all we’ve gone through, are going through. His strength is what has allowed us to survive all of it and is why we’re still here to tell the story. 

Our sufferings may be long and very hard in ways others would be destroyed by, but ours will end one day. Maybe before our deaths, maybe at our death. My suffering has been so much more due to what others might call, ‘my gifts’ of a supernatural sense. Those gifts have seen me attacked not just by people in this world, but by Satan and his army of helpers in ways unable to be described, unable to be understood by anyone not taken to that depth of blackness and evil as I have been. 

The more work you do for God, the larger the task, the more Satan despises us and will do all he can to destroy us, to stop us loving and working for God. He is scared stiff we will reclaim all the souls he’s stolen from God and give them back to Him. He is scared stiff we will stop souls being stolen. That we will open the eyes of people who are in danger of being lured into badness through his temptations. The more we do to prevent this happening, the more he despises us and will throw every trick in the book at us through weak people he uses here and from demons of hell.

Well, it appeared in the last months he had taken everything from me spiritually and earthly, but he hadn’t and I will be weakened no more. Yes, he has stolen my whole life with the help of bad people who are led by him rather than God and he may try hard to have the rest of my life too, but he will not stop me. He may have stopped me briefly off and on in the last year, but no more. He has taken so much from my immediate family. There is nothing more left to take apart from the natural course of life and death now that we all face at some point. 

What opened my eyes and brought back my faith, hope and trust was in realising when Christ died, His suffering was still at the start and would continue to the world end. The only suffering that ended with His crucifixion were His earthly sufferings. From that moment of taking the last breath, the true torturous wounds inflicted on Him in Paradise would be far worse and would start in earnest. 

The pain and angst would be of watching everyone He created of all faiths and none turn against Him. Of those professing to love Him, but doing Satans work by their deeds and actions instead of God’s. Seeing people of all faiths turning on each other whether of the same religion or of other faiths.

Divisions, superiority, ego, greed, materialism, debauchery, depravity, immorality in ways never seen before, lies, deceit, abuse of man, beast and plant life would all be sent to torture Him daily without ceasing. WE are responsible for that. Not one of us is without sin. Not one of us cannot be called to blame. Our suffering will one day end when we go to Paradise if our lives have been good and we’ve nourished our souls. Our joy will be beyond anything this earthly life could ever offer. For Him, His suffering will never end as long as man lives and casts Him out of their lives while here.

He wants us to be saved. He wants us to live good lives, He wants us to obey just ten things asked of us – ten. But for many, it is far too much to be able to manage. How sad that is.

Easter is a time of new life, new beginnings. Not just for Him, but for Nature and us all if we allow it. Let us reflect and contemplate on Christ’s life, His sufferings and compare them to our own. How small are ours compared to His. No matter how huge and insurmountable ours seem, they are nothing compared to His. If we truly love Him as we say we do, if we truly want only goodness in the world, then it is up to us to show that to all we meet and spread His light wherever we go no matter what others throw at us. Our strength and goodness lies in being with God. Their weakness and badness lies in being with Satan. 

Life in the last year, as everything over the last fifty years accumulated, made me very bitter and angry in a way I never have been before. I became a person I never used to be nor want to be now or ever. I now know what my mother meant when she said people can make you sin your soul. They can when continued abuse suddenly makes us crack. It happened to me last year. I am first and foremost human and have human faults and failings. No matter my love of God, no matter what I teach others, I too am like all of you. I hurt and I sometimes fail. 

This has been one of those times and I failed badly. I need your prayers just as we all need prayers for strength and courage to fight on against all evil. For evil is in our world more now than ever before and is set to only get worse. It is in my life daily and needs continued strength and courage to stand firm against it. People seem to be enjoying the badness they inflict on the world, take pride in it almost and have no care how they destroy others and their lives or things around us. Others watching such badness are ignoring what they’re seeing and not recognising why it’s happening. God has been cast out from our world.

We have to open our eyes and act now as asked of us if we want to see a change. Be responsible for those changes for good happening. We MUST stick together, we must fight for good and we must all unite as one, for being divided as so many of us are right now, we have no chance of destroying the evil surrounding us. My bitterness and anger at abusers and liars in the world is something I am having to try very hard to push aside – and I will do it. I’m almost there and with God’s help, I will banish it totally. I refuse to let evil win. 

All of us uniting is something we have to do, for our division against each other and our beliefs or non beliefs is what Satan is thriving on. We can and we will banish him, but only if we stick together in love, prayer and unconditional unity.

On Maundy Thursday we remember His horrendous suffering. On Good Friday we remember how He died for us and on Sunday when He rose again we remember He is showing us the way, the truth and the life. Like Him, we can and will rise from the ashes of this darkness we live in presently and together, we will make a difference. Maybe like me, you can use this time to reflect just as I did. Maybe you too will be gven the answers to your questions if you take the time to listen.

For now, may I wish you all a very Happy Easter with happy new beginnings to you, your loved ones and us all. 

God Bless, Lorraine x


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