Heaven on Earth

My dream is to one day have a little bit of heaven on earth. A place where people can come and stay with me to escape the world. A true haven of peace where everyone is welcome with no judgement passed on anyone as long as they’re of good heart, love and kindness. 

A building set in acres of land with either a river or lake and Nature in abundance. Maybe even a place overlooking the sea but not near other buildings. An escape where there is peace and quiet with nothing around us all except Nature. It would have benches or chairs placed at random points in the grounds for people to sit, relax and lose themselves in total peace and harmony with Nature and their surroundings.

Imagine having enough money to buy such a place as one I saw for sale with views such as above and be able to offer it to everyone who needs to leave the world for a time. A place where we can all escape sadness, badness, greed, biased behaviour, aggression and noise everyday life is now filled with. 

Where no one judges you for your colour,  sexuality, religious beliefs, or anything else that is YOUR life. Where everyone staying accepts everyone for who they are and what they do or don’t believe in.

There are such buildings and grounds available to buy, as I’ve been looking when I dream this could one day maybe happen. Unless I win the lottery though, it will sadly remain a dream. If only a place such as this existed how wonderful it would be for those in much need of it. It’s not just a building money is needed for though is it? It’s the upkeep, maintenance, staff, gardeners, cooks, heating and food. The one above is just over a million pounds. Not a lot in today’s world for a huge building that would house many needing such an escape.

Life has been very hard for my family in a variety of ways that have been full of sadness in a very few short years and more has been happening even more so in the last year. One thing after another and on top of each other without ceasing. It is why I’ve been unable to do my work, write, update the blog or even my pages. It is hard, so very hard to hold onto faith, hope and a belief better things lie ahead when life constantly attacks, but we have to do that. 

If we don’t, if we don’t have hope and faith, what else is there in life? It is for this reason I have my dream where I hope better things lie ahead. Maybe out of such sadness and stress there is something that can help us all heal and move forwards.

This is why I am longing so much to have somewhere I can offer others where we can all come together to help each other. Somewhere where no one questions who or what we are or how we choose to live. Where no harsh words or judgements are passed. Just a place to be kind, love, share, and be compassionate and caring to everyone who comes to stay. 

I’d love such a place and would love even more to share it with like minded people who want to escape the harshness of todays world or be healed from great sadness, badness or hurt in their lives even if only for a few days or weeks. Even if they haven’t gone through any of those things and just need to escape the harshness of today’s world, if they feel broken in any way, they too would be welcome.

We could have talks where anyone wanting to would have a chance to share about their lives to others interested enough to learn about each other and if needed, offer support to those in need. 

I could do talks on my work, help with guidance and counsel as I do now, but to groups as a whole staying with us or as individuals where needed or wanted. I’d love to explain and teach about natural supernatural gifts to anyone interested, how they happen and when. Explain how they’re so different from those seen and written about everywhere that people confuse with natural heavenly gifts. It’s such a complex and very important subject but one badly ignored and neglected. In fact, most are unable to understand or explain those differences unless having experienced both, which not many have.

So much is in my head of what such a place could be like. If only. Will it always remain a dream, or will that dream one day become a reality? Who knows, but a girl can dream and this one is mine. A big dream maybe, but one that could be shared with everyone in need of such a place and where it wouldn’t need to break the bank to stay.

Who knows, maybe those with little money could be offered a place to stay there if funded by those with far more who would be generous enough to give donations for such a purpose. How lovely would that be? This way, no one would be denied the chance to stay if a room was available and the place not full. 

I’d just love everyone in need of such solace and escape for whatever their reason to have a chance to experience it and be healed in mind, body and spirit even for a short while.

So many thoughts, plans and ideas, but so little money. Imagine being a millionaire and being able to make this a reality and help so many people. For now it remains a dream as it has for so many years so, I’d better go and buy a lottery ticket. After all, people always win the big wins that makes dreams happen don’t they? Who knows, one day before it’s too late and I’m even more ancient than I am now, it could be me – then again, pigs might fly.

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  1. Love the idea! Maybe one of our group will get lucky! I would love a place like that!

  2. Christine Nevin

    What a beautiful idea and, it would be truly beautiful to be able to do such a thing for people. Dreams do come true or so I’ve been told

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