Chapter 18

Terror, terror in the streets and all around is to happen because of those who are doing things they shouldn’t. We have seen such atrocities done in the name of all that is bad and we shudder and recoil from what it is we see. How can people do these things is what we ask of ourselves as there is so much they do that is bad.

We have seen them do things to others that do not bear thinking about and yet they say in their eyes this is all for good. How can anything like this be for good we ask you?

There are so many more now of your world that follow badness and believe all the things you are told. Magic is one of these things. Black magic and all evil spells and incantations others do and yet they think this to be normal.

It is not normal my friends, it is far from normal and is one thing we wish to see banished from your world. There are those who do similar things also and delve into dark deeds and this is the darkness that you should all be frightened of, as this is the darkness that brings terror into the hearts of many and into your world more than anything else.

So many today playing games; games that are nothing of the sort and yet they treat it all as though it is. What is wrong with some of these people? There are many who are truly bad with evil in their hearts, but many of you who follow them and hold onto all they say and do are not bad people, so why do you listen to all they say, take part in what they do and support them?

Do you not realise that by doing so you are ruining all the good that you do and that all of this is written in the book that is the heaviest and largest of all? You profess to love good and good people; you may not believe in the Almighty, but you say you only want goodness in your life. How can you say this when you go to these other places and people and watch what it is they do with interest?

It is not a game and yet you treat it as though it is. Why is that? What is it about this badness that attracts so many of your world? Why is it that those who do good are ignored and only those with their drama and their spells, lotions, potions and rituals attract you all so much?

There are those who sit and try hard to call up the spirits of those who have died. Do they not know this is wrong? No one who has passed to our world should be disturbed in this way. If they are to come to you they will. If we are to come to you we will.

There is more harm in those who try to call others up than they realise. They are not getting what they think they are. There are books like this that have been written by those who say they called the spirits and asked them for answers. Their answers are not real my friends, as they have only asked of what it is they want to hear.

They ask those things that are of your world and made to suit those who believe in mystical beings and works. The only ones that are real and hold any truth are books such as these where we came unbidden to the ones who write them for us. They did not ask us, we came to them and gave them words they know nothing of.

These are the ones you must listen to and no others, for the others are not from us. They are words of man and are of his mind only. They are made to suit what the majority in your world wishes to hear today of beings made to suit their ways and beliefs that have no basis in reality.

These people are not as bad as the ones we mention above. They are just people who have lost touch with reality and would rather live in a world of fantasy and of their own making.

Theirs is a darkness that is nothing like the ones who delve into very dark places indeed.  There are others who play with things similar but they are harmless. They too have no belief in our Maker, but they have goodness in their hearts and a wish only to help others. They are walking in light also unlike the others who play dangerous games.

So many worship idols of their own making or of Lucifer. Why do they wish to worship one who is known to be bad and deceive? He who leads those who follow into a dark place darker than any of your world could possibly understand?

Those who follow him are to find when they come to our world that blackness which will penetrate every part of their being. There will be such sorrow, pain and suffering such as they have never known could exist. They have brought this to themselves and you must ignore that they have to go through this, as they brought it upon themselves.

They are to suffer unimaginable things such as they made others suffer when of this world. Animals, children, people of all ages and sizes have been used in their rituals for dark purposes. This is the most evil that exists in your world and has to be eradicated. It is because of this darkness much now is to befall mankind as more and more of you follow and watch what it is these people do.

You believe it to be fun and interest only, but have no idea what it is they really do. These, and the ones who play in other ways believing themselves to do all manner of things that is anathema to God, are the ones that are to make you all suffer now.

It is because of these things people do that much now has to be done to rectify that which has disturbed the balance of the world. We have to put this to rights and have had the responsibility placed upon us of what it is that needs to be done.

Our hearts hang heavy; we quake in fear at what it is these people are doing. What they are bringing into your world, and it is growing my friends. It is growing daily as more and more follow intrigued by what it is they do.

The dangers have come to your world in such growth now due to the ways you can all see what it is they do much easier now. Before, no one could see what it was they did, as all was hidden from them, but now it is in the open.

They have become bold and brazen as they show the world quite openly who it is they worship – the dark one, the one who is out to steal your souls from God and all that is good.

These are some of the people who will never be able to be saved. They are the ones that will go from lifetime to lifetime doing these things and their souls will be lost to us and we know this is to be.

What concerns us now is the fact they take you with them. They care not what you are to suffer as they take you into their lair and show you these things and entice you. They offer sacrifice to Satan and yet pretend to you they do not do this. Some may not but many others do.

This is the real darkness my friends, the real evil and nothing like the darkness we spoke of to you earlier. It comes no darker and once it was of only certain places in your world that these things would occur, but now they happen everywhere.

Please, we ask you to steer clear of these people. We ask you not to watch or encourage what they do. Instead, you should be trying to ignore them and move as far away from them as you can. For before you know it, they will have enticed you into their lair even further than you realise.

Pray, pray to God daily for this to stop. Pray for these souls that some may be saved and see the error of their ways and pray for those they entice or use – especially those who lose their lives due to the darkest of things they do.

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