Chapter 20

Much is talked of in your world of spacemen, space travel, life in other worlds and planets and of what there is out there. Why do you all wonder so much about these things? Have you not enough to concern yourselves with in your own lives without being concerned about life elsewhere?

It is of no concern of yours what is elsewhere or even if there is. So much money wasted on things that will make no difference to your world.

Man is always interested in what lies beyond what he can see, feel, touch or understand. We do not know why so many are fascinated by this when the answers they see to all they can know, whilst of this world of yours, is in the books provided for you with words that have been given by us for all to read.

There are many books that have gone before with all the answers. The holy books of all religions can answer most of your needs. Those things that are not talked of in them are due to the fact there are mysteries of life and death that are not to be known to you whilst of your world.

There is plenty of time when you finally come to us to stay when these things will be opened up to you. Why do you not enjoy the world you have now there provided for you without always wanting more?

Man is greedy and is never satisfied with what he is given. Always he wants more and this is why such badness exists in your world. This greed is not just with the ordinary man of the world, it is seen in some church leaders, your world leaders and anyone who is in charge of looking after others. This has to stop, as this is another one of the things that has to be repaid in time to come.

This greed is making man bad and wanting for more than is his lot in life. Stop this now or suffer the consequences. All that money could be spent saving hundreds of thousands of starving people of your world and yet is spent to do nothing of any importance.

They say they learn a lot about the Universe. What exactly is it they learn pray tell us? Nothing that will make any difference to any of you in this or any other lifetime as it is not for you to know. It is nothing, it is madness and it is man wasting precious resources that could mean so much to so many if used properly.

Greed and want is man’s downfall; greed and a need to pry into things that do not concern him. They have an endless fascination with things that will never make any difference to any of you of your world. They won’t stop this nonsense, as it is in man to seek and look for answers to mysteries of life he will never be able to know answers to.

What it is we do now with the one who writes this for us, is another of those things man thinks he can find answers to. How we laugh at their ignorance. These people who call themselves men of science and yet have not the intelligence to recognise there are things of this world and beyond they will never be able to discover the answers to.

Only God has all the answers and they are guilty of often thinking themselves in His position of knowing all things. Man cannot, and never will know all the answers, and this is something that cannot ever be explained to any of you.

Even those we use for our work have no idea how it happens to them or why. They did not want it, they were chosen to be used – for used is what we do with them. We use them to help us. They agree to work with us and we find some are suitable and some are not. The reason some are not is because they choose to use it for their good rather than those we are to help.

We do not wish for anyone who works for us to do without and so we will provide for them what they need. Some will receive rewards that are greater than others and some will receive far less.

Each is given according to their needs, work done for us and the amount they will need for this work to be done. For those who decide themselves, it will be taken from them. Their gifts will start to lessen until they are eventually taken from them.

This has already happened and yet the deceivers pretend they still have them to use. They talk in ways they know of, because the gifts were once theirs to use and now they use this knowledge for the wrong reasons.

Others too have learned from those we work with and now use this knowledge also to pretend to others that they too possess it. They will be discovered and exposed and their downfall will extend beyond the spiritual works they profess to have and will affect the rest of their lives and those connected to them.

It is good to search and learn, for by doing this is how you all grow, but there are some things that need to be left. Medicine is a good thing to seek and learn about as this is to be of benefit to people and animals of your world, but those things that cannot help them should be left.

We hear of tests done on some who profess to have the gifts needed to communicate with us. Do they truly believe it can be switched on as though a light bulb?

We are aware of the deceivers who pretend one can learn to communicate with us, but they are the ones who also believe it can be switched off and on at their will. How can they believe this to be true?

It has nothing to do with them and for those who encourage it and try to test them is why they will never have success. Their tests are designed by man with no understanding of how we work or how we do anything with those who work with us.

Those of your world who think they can teach and give these gifts to another are to blame for this confusion. No man of your world can give what is only for The Lord to give. He gives and He taketh away and it is time mankind remembered that.

There are things all of you can do and even this is varied in the amount and the capability, but none of this is communicating with us, or anyone of this world of ours.

Leave alone what is not yours to meddle with. Stop using so much money to explore things that will never be of any concern to you or of any use for you.

Space, what you call aliens and the like are all things for us to know and for you not to know while of your world. The gifts given to some that are needed for us to communicate with them are also not for you all to have or know about.

Leave mysteries as mysteries and learn to live in your world with only that which concerns you. Concentrate on living life as well as you can with what you need to live by. Strive for things you can acquire and leave alone those things you can’t.

We are aware people see things they believe to be of another world and we also know they see things they believe to be of us. If they were to know what all of this was they would be told, but the ones who talk most of them are the ones who make up their own answers and not answers that come from us.

Lights they see are things they use names for that have no meaning; they talk of orbs and show many pictures of them asking people to say what they are or what they mean. They mean nothing to any of you and none of you will ever have an answer.

Most of what you see is nothing at all and tricks of light or camera. Others can be explained away as natural phenomena, whilst others are for a purpose, but that purpose is known to us and us only. It is not anything you will understand or know of in your lifetime while of your world. One thing we will tell you is, it is not anything any of you have ever claimed them to be.

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