Chapter 21

Liars my friends, we now must speak to you of liars. There are many in your world who tell others untruths and they do this for a variety of reasons. Many who do this are doing it for a reason that is to save hurting another person. These are lies we do not worry over, as the intent behind them is pure.

We are not talking about big lies that would make a huge difference; we are talking about those things that are of little or no importance on the greater scheme of things. For what they do by hiding things from some people is in fact a kindness.

Then there are those who tell lies to better themselves in the eyes of others; to make them look or feel important. We do not like this, for they are deceiving others and pretending to be something they are not. There are lies to discredit another, lies to slur a person’s name and lies for the sake of things to talk about and usually they are without any basis.

There are lies in business and there are lies in churches, governments and elsewhere. Nowhere of your world is safe from them and this is something we abhor. No one can trust a liar, not one of you. If they will lie to you about some things, then what else will they lie to you about?

If they lie to you about another, rest assured they will lie to another also about you. Cheats, liars and deceivers are amongst those we despise. Their deeds are never for goodness, but are done to confuse and deceive. Everywhere we look now it seems all are doing this and the main purpose is usually for their own gratification and gain.

Why do you not trust your own judgement on matters? Do you not trust in yourselves enough to be able to see the truth of things for yourself? Those who will lie for whatever purpose it is, will only be doing it for their own good. Be sure their sins will find them out is a phrase well used and is one you should remember, for one day you too will have your lies come back to haunt you.

Not all will be obvious to you at first as most that do this are very accomplished. They treat it as an art form to assist them in their lives to attain the outcome they wish for. They will not benefit in the end though as we will see what is due to them is given in our world if not in your own. Enough on this now but guard your tongue against lies and idle gossip, as it never benefits those who do either thing.

In our world there are many mysteries that you know nothing of and you have been allowed but a glimpse of them from time to time. The words given you before in many years gone past now have told much of what it is you need to know.

Stories were given to you of great beings that came to some who were once were of your world carrying messages from on high. They were messages given from the angels of God. These wondrous beings are majestic in their might and power and are used only for this purpose when there is a great need of things to be told to your world.

When they do not do this, they are busy doing other works given them by the Almighty. They do not sit idle, as your world would have you believe.

Those who say they speak with these wondrous beings every day are liars and deceivers. They are saying these things in order to deceive and elevate themselves in your eyes. How dare they do this most treacherous of deeds against their maker? How dare they pretend great deeds they do through them? This is pure blasphemy against God and that which He has created for such wondrous deeds and not those that man now affords them.

Vile people of your world; vile and corrupt by their greed and claims that come from a lowly place set to deceive them, you and all who they talk of these things too. Avoid them, shun them, move away from these people now. They distort the truth of what it is that God does and those He created to work for Him, and with Him, in works so wondrous you cannot even understand while of your world.

There are many angels of different sizes and types dependant on their work and what they have to do. Some are messengers of God and others are allowed into your world to appear as human beings in order to test some of you and see what lies truly in your heart. They are never as those of your world would now have you believe and never will be.

The ones they talk of are not of anything to do with God, nor the light we all walk and exist in. Some know they are lying to you, whilst others truly believe it is angels they talk to. They are being deceived in a way that is badness, but they are so greedy to hear these things and be seen as important that they do not test to see from whence what they deal with comes.

Test the spirits my friends at all times and by this we mean not just those that may come to you, but also those that lie within the hearts of people you meet. Test their spirit and see what lies in their hearts. Is it of the Holy Spirit that dwells within them or is it just the spirit of life and no more?

So much is talked of in your world today that we have no understanding of where we are, and yet you all believe so readily. If any of you were to meet a real angel of God my friends you would be on your knees and overwhelmed with their glory and majesty.

You would not be able to act as these people we see act after what they say they make contact with. Their awe and magnificence is of something your world finds hard to understand or even put into words, as there are no words of your world to describe such things.

Those that come in their human form to test or to help those in need are different from these other majestic beings, but their work and worth is no less great. Their job is a different job, but even they when they have left people, leave them in wonder. Not like the others will, as these they find easier to eventually talk about to others, whereas the first most glorious creatures are unable to be spoken of for many years in most cases by those who have borne witness to them.

How can people who have no belief in a Creator believe in all the things He has created for His own use and work? Why do they copy those things people of God acknowledge and know of? Is it because they wish to deceive you of their goodness and make you believe their work is also pure and good?

Ask yourselves these questions about those claiming to work with anything that is of God’s world. Do they walk with God on the one, straight and narrow path or do they walk another also?

For one to follow God and do His works there is only one path to walk and you cannot walk on more than one if your faith, belief, trust and hope in Him are true and honest. Those who try to walk many paths are lost and confused and will remain that way until they choose which they wish to walk on.

Whatever they choose will be right for them in this lifetime, but whichever it is you walk my friends, do not decry another for it unless they do wrong and their path deceives and leads others into the darkness of their souls.

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