Chapter 25

We spoke too earlier of immorality and the way your world has become in this matter. How bad has it now become that we see such immorality everywhere we look. Yet people of your world seem not to notice it anymore as it is so commonplace.  Why do women and men have to walk around displaying their bodies in a provocative way such as they do now?

This is not their body as God made them to be shown or used. A naked body is a beautiful thing to behold, but when used in ways such as this it becomes a thing of ugliness and badness.

It is immoral and is only used for the wrong purposes and we are saddened to see people despise their bodies so much that they allow it to be used in this way. Do they have such little self esteem that they believe the only way they can gain attention is to behave in this manner?

Babies born to everyone everywhere now without knowing who their fathers are, is classed as being normal in your world today. We tell you this is not normal and it is not safe.

There are laws against humans having relations with each other if they are related and this is for very good reason. How then do you know today who is related to whom? Do you not realise what your behaviour is going to cause in the future as these children grow and become acquainted with each other?

They too will eventually have relations with each other and what bears fruit from this relationship is going to be malformed. Gradually these will grow worse and worse as more become interbred without realising this is what they do.

You people of today’s world who behave as this will be responsible for a nation of people who are malformed, disfigured and unable to cope with life in any way.

It is not as those who are now born with natural disability, this is something that will be far more serious and on a scale where there will be fewer people able to care for these poor creatures. For creatures is what they will be.

There is to be a nation of people who will be so malformed that normal existence will be denied them in any shape or form and this is to be a nation of people who will be put apart from the rest of the human race to perish – as they will naturally.

It is to be on such a scale that the world cannot comprehend now and is not for this lifetime, but is coming nearer and nearer.

This is a matter that is being caused by today’s world and they will be punished for what it is they do without thought and what it is they are to cause by this behaviour in the future after they have left this world.

We are permitted to show you some of these things that will come to pass in the future as it is to warn you to change your ways. You will be answerable for all you do and now have a chance to change some of it if you so wish.

We are aware many will laugh at what we say and we cannot change that, but others will listen to what we have said and recognise the truths that lie in our words.

If they thought for one moment about how many children they have and by so many different fathers, they would recognise the truth of our words. How do they not know some of those children have not already met and formed relationships? How many of those children will then grow to meet others in the same way?

Three generations from now will see the start of the results of these formations and comings together. Already some have started and the first of these have been born. For now many are normal children, but their children and their children’s children will also interbreed and this is when the problems will start to show more.

To see the truth of our words, look at your animals of the world. Those that are too interbred have all sorts of problems mentally and physically. This my friends is what you will be producing in human form in generations to come, because of your behaviour and immorality now.

We cannot avoid talking dear friends about animals and their use in sexual matters. It is something we would really wish we did not have to discuss, but it is a depravity of your world and a sickness in some that they have to use these poor creatures for their own satisfactions and pleasures.

It is a sickness of a person’s mind that makes them want to do such horrors and those who do will suffer greatly for what they make these poor creatures suffer.

The cruelty to animals by man for his own pleasure or satisfaction in whatever ways that might be, are to be punishable in the extreme in their next life.

You will not want to know how bad that will be for them, but we can assure you these despicable creatures calling themselves human beings will have one of the most severe forms of punishment, as will those who use children for the same reasons.

We can tell you those who use children for sexual gratification will also suffer the most extreme forms of punishment known to mankind in his next lifetime and when he comes to our world.

We call this a sickness of mind, but it is not always a sickness of the head that needs to be excused, this is a sickness of the dark side of life. That which is from the opposite of God and whose only wish is to lead mankind into badness and the darkness of life and death as you know it to be.

Cruelty to another living creature for whatever pleasure be it sexual or for amusement, is a sickness of behaviour we will not tolerate. For those of you who have done these things and persist in them, be warned of what is to befall you when you leave this life now.

Repent at once, for yours is the greatest punishment of all. For those who now see the error of their ways and cease immediately, we will look slightly more favourably upon you when you come to us.

For those who work hard to prevent others doing the same thing and who expose them, more favour will be yours again, but be assured; your punishments will still be greater than anyone else’s – you can only lessen these punishments, you cannot avoid them.

Sexual depravity or cruelty in any form is abhorrent to us and your Saviour. We do not talk of natural relationships, but those of the most depraved behaviour known to man. We do not wish to discuss this further as we have said enough and because it is something so sickening to us all of our world and yours that we now move on from this. We just wish to assure you my friends that these most miserable of creatures do not escape our punishment.

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