Chapter 26

We have covered much in these few pages and hope that what we have told you helps some people know things about how they live and have lived in the past. For those who still wish to interfere with things that are not for man to interfere with, we wish to leave you with talk of what you do that is most dangerous to mankind.

These dangers are not dangers of your world, but dangers from beyond. We cannot impress upon you enough about how you know not of the things with which you are playing. For playing games is what you are doing.

You think you understand and know all there is about our world and think you are so clever, all knowing and knowledgeable, but your very behaviour shows us you know nothing.

We have to tell you how dangerous your behaviour is as you sit in your groups and circles with like-minded people, thinking you are doing things that are to help others, but are in fact, only going to hurt them.

You have no idea of what it is you have done to your world by doing these things and if we could show you the truth of these games you have played you would be horrified.

The ones who help you in these matters are just as foolish as you and those who tell you they are all-knowing and have been told by us what it is they are to do, are either deceiving you or working with those who are not of the light and us.

There are things of this world none of you can possibly know about and although some of these people who play games talk of demons, they have no idea what a true demon is. We can tell you, they are nothing that you believe to have seen or experienced.

The true horrors of what you have released into your world are unseen by any of you as yet, but wait to see the battles that are soon to commence and this is because of these people who have encouraged the world to believe they too can speak with those who have passed.

What fools they are. How dangerous are these people and yet when we have given words to others such as the one who writes this for us to warn the world of what it is they do so wrong, we are ignored and those who work for us are shunned.

We have tried my friends to warn those who are doing this to you, but they care not to listen. They think they know more than we do in spirit and we tell you now, they do not and nor are they speaking with us even if they believe themselves to be.

We would not work with such people as our work is of a very serious nature and what they do is nothing but games. They say they wish to bring comfort to others, but they do not, as what they do is not real.

The ones who are chosen to do this work use their gifts properly and in private. They were not given this to use for show and in the way others do now. That is not how we work and it is certainly not what God would expect of His workers.

The ones who do this are not all to blame as this is something they have been taught and shown they can do. It is not their fault to believe what others tell them is true, but it is their fault to try to force these things that only result in badness for your world.

They think they do good in some cases and maybe some have in some small way, but overall it is the end result we have to look at and the end result of their work is to bring badness into your world, by summoning those who are to wreak havoc when the time is right.

Already they wait and there are those, we will tell you now, who have played these silly games that are to go mad. Their brains are to be muddled and others will see this start to happen to them.

They have brought this on themselves. Although they have escaped punishment being seen in this world before, now they have to be seen to be punished for their deeds, so others can see the error of their ways.

Until now those who have done this in the past have had their punishments on reaching us, but now it is time those of you who partake in this are to see what can befall you.

Already there has been madness seen to be caused by those who delve into things they shouldn’t and many more will be seen to have this happen to them now also.

Does this not warn you of how dangerous it is to do these things? Why when you see results like this do you not realise why it happened; why do you make excuses for it and say they must have been ill to start with?

This is not so, it is what you do that can turn a man’s mind. Watch closely my friends for this is to happen to many more of you now as the world has turned on top of itself as this madness has swept throughout.

Ouija boards and the like, spells, and rituals all done in the name of God is anathema to Him and He is angered greatly by those who are doing these things.

He is also angered at those who profess to be using words from Him or His Holy angels and yet who are deceiving you each day with their lies in this matter.

Can you not see what it is they do? Open your eyes and do not read just their words or listen to them, look at what else it is they do and see if their deeds match their words spoken or written. So many deceivers, so many liars today and this will now be cleansed. You have been warned.

There are trapped souls of your world and they too have decided to stay there due to their greed and materialism and for no other reason. They can change their minds at any time they wish and when they do, they can come to us, but there are many of your world messing around with this also.

How many go to places and say they sense spirits and can cleanse them? How many come into your homes or places of work and do strange things in the name of moving spirits to come to us?

Most of these people do not know what it is they are doing. They go from place to place disturbing those things that should not be disturbed. Many who believe they are meant to help are causing more upset instead.

Leave alone what is not yours to deal with. It is not for mankind to decide he can learn these things if it is not given to him and this is why they cause fright, upset and harm. Dangerous all of them and this has to be stopped.

The evil that now has penetrated your whole world is rife. There is no corner untouched by it due to the deeds of man. It is only man who has brought this on himself. Through these pages we have shown you some of those who have done so and by what means.

It matters not how grave or how small your sins are my friends, there is still time for you all to change your ways. Help us to help you and your world.

Already it is too late to save some of what is to happen in your world, but there is still time to save what is to occur in the future. Great devastation is to happen regardless of what you now do as this cleansing has to be done in order to restore balance.

It is not good news we have brought you and we are sorry for this, but console yourselves with the fact we have done this as we love you and so does the One who created you and all who you live with.

Religions are to stop fighting against one another and accept each has their own ways to celebrate the Lord and they each use their own words, lessons and names for Him.

This must be allowed to happen without interference from those of other faiths or those of none.

Each must be allowed to come to us by their own path, but if that path is one of those mentioned in this book that we have warned against, then those of you who have read these words and can hear what it is we say to you, must now act.

You too have to stand up against it and demand it stops. Be brave my friends and help us in this almighty battle that has already started.

Remember, you may not be one chosen to spread our words in the way this book does, but your work is just as important to us, as you can help spread them by telling others what it is we say.

We have no more to say to you at this time my friends except who we are that speak with you. We are those who sit at the right hand of our Father and whom He has appointed to be guardians over the world He has created.

We are able to watch and pass judgment where needed. It is a power given to us to allot punishments where they are deserved until the end days.

Only our Heavenly Father will pass that final judgement on each and every one of you, but on these different lives and levels of existence you tread, we are appointed to do this for Him.

We are watching at all times and remember, we hear and see all your deeds and your thoughts whether good or bad. Your thoughts can also condemn you, so please be careful what it is you think of as this too will result in what becomes you on your final journey into our world.

For now we leave you in peace and we apologise for our harsh words, but know you will understand they have been very necessary to say to you now.

We are also sorry for the punishments that are to befall your world, but know that this is to cleanse it for those who survive now and in future generations.

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