Messages received by TL of Canada as dated

28th August 2012

(This first part was apparently about me and given as confirmation of all I was experiencing and being told.

The rest that follows on after this first part is very obviously given as confirmation of all within these pages being from them and not me).


You have nothing to worry or ponder about. All things are as they should be with you. We are beginning to bring you through new levels of awareness. We need to prepare you now for what is to come for you and your world and you will be taken at a pace that is right for you.

The time is now to bring your awareness to another level and we are here, very close to you at this time, and moving you in a way that we know is right for you.

Only we know how this is to be done and you need to be patient with us, yourself and many others who are also going through these changes.

These changes are necessary for your development so that you can have a better understanding of what it is that we need you to learn about your world and ours.

New beginnings and a change to your lifestyle as you know now will begin to take place in the coming months. Do not try to interfere with these changes, as they are meant to be and you will come to understand why as we work with you.

Others close to you will also be making many changes to their lives. No need to make others aware of these changes, as we have already made it known to them and they are preparing themselves as we have instructed.

Notice the changes already beginning around you and others like you. These changes are necessary to many, as we need all of you on a higher level of awareness for what is to come for your world.

Trust in your abilities will now start to strengthen as we bring you to an awareness of what it is that you are to do with these God given gifts, and what they are to be used for.


January 28th 2012


Many of our workers in your world will be called upon to help give our warning of what is to happen. Church leaders and other religious sects will not take heed to the words we have given you as signs of destruction to many lands.

Many world leaders will also pay no heed, as they have their minds full of hatred, greed and power and will bring your world to such great destruction that all living things will be affected.

Nature will no longer flourish as you know it now and there will be extinction of many animals. This then will affect the food supply to mankind and famine will be at its worst. Not just for the countries that suffer now in this state, but for many countries around the world.

There will be a cloud of darkness hovering in your sky that will remain for a long time as the rains devastate and the waters of your world cause peril to many places.

The water supply will be contaminated and cause diseases to the people. Outbreak of diseases will cause death to your people and these diseases will spread near and far.

The air will be polluted with the aftermath of all that is to come and this then will affect people as they take in their air.

The earth will move and open, and cities will be lost in the underground. Thousands will come to their death and many innocent people will suffer the after effects that will be left from all this destruction.

Many countries will have climate changes, where it was once warm, will now be colder and where it is colder will now become warmer. Blame and retaliation will cause upheaval to your world, for many will be looking for answers as to why all this has happened.

Some will turn to science to lay the blame, but for the ones who have faith and the ones who will turn back to their faith, they will understand that God has watched for so long and is now here to let your world know that this will not be the way your world is to live.

It will take many years to rebuild your world and it will not be as you know it now. The generation of the last forty years will be the ones to rebuild your world. They have been given the insight and power to do this. This will be their time to make a stance in your world to repair the damage of man and his troubled ways.

There will be one person born of this generation who will become known as a great Prophet. This person will be given the words of prophecy. Many will turn to this person for guidance who will be well respected for what it is they can do to change man’s destructive ways and to heal your world and bring peace and harmony back to mankind.

This person will not be of one faith, for it is only man who needs to separate the religious ways of the world.  The words of this prophet will be given by our Saviour and they will then speak of many things to come for your world.


August 29th 2012


The world around you is unfolding. The birth of a new world is beginning for many. Not your entire world is bad. There is also much goodness, but this goodness cannot be seen by all of you.

Most people of your world seem to focus on what is wrong around them instead of looking for what is right. The badness is what people of your world see and forget that goodness is what needs be extended throughout your world, hearts and minds.

We understand that there is a need to know of the bad things that happen, but it is time to bring the goodness out that people do in your world.

The wars, bigotry, hatred and abuse that the people of your world are spreading are at such a level that humankind is now destroying his own future. Many blame God and this is not so, for man alone has brought this about himself.

The ones who ask God why this has to be, need to look at what is in their own lives. All of humankind is a sinner and no one person can remove the blame from themselves.

Your world to most people consists of what they have and what they do not have; materialism is such a sin among you all. Humankind needs to turn back to the fruits of their labour and stop the greed that is such a large part of what your world consists of.

There are many of your world who have the power to change how the poor, the needy and those who suffer at the hands of mankind live. They need to turn their eyes and look to these people, for they are the ones who suffer yet they strive to make their lives better with what little means they have.

They believe that God has given them this life for reasons that they may not understand, but trust that He will see their suffering will be rewarded. This, only the truly faithful will understand.

You need to ask yourselves why their churches, and other places people gather to worship, are containing all that can be held and these faithful servants need not to impress upon others that they do this for no other reasons than their true love and faith of Our Lord.

The ones who are of goodness appear to you in many different ways. We are not talking only of the religious; we talk of many who give themselves in their daily lives.


29th August 2012 (later)


These people have been born to your world to help us to do some of the work. We cannot appear to you, as some believe we do, and with these gifts that God has given to some, this is the way that we can allow our words and teachings to come through them.

Some are laughed at, criticized and judged for what they do and how they speak. Need not worry, for the ones who doubt God’s chosen ones will one day be shown that we are the truth and love behind their voices and what they see and feel toward others is not to be made a mockery of.

These workers have been blessed with the goodness to be shown unto your world. They have many professions and some have not have yet come to realize that it is we who guide them with what they do and say, but in time they will come to realize that they are now working with a greater power than just their own thoughts and feelings.

Some will choose to ignore that it is we that help them with their daily lives and tasks, but we pay no heed to this, for our work will still be done through them when needs be.

There is no need to call upon us, for we are with you always and do not interfere in your daily lives in any way unless it is for a purpose of the work we need for you to do.

The ones who cause dismay toward those who work through the purity of their hearts and minds, will one day be casted and all will be taken away from them.

They are the ones who will come to learn that their wicked ways will now come back on them. They will suffer in ways that we cannot tell you now for it is their fate and not of your concern.

For you all have your own need to repent in different ways and each of you will have your own crosses to bear. Their worlds of false idols and spoken words of false gods with content of no truth will bring these people to a loss of control in their lives. For what they worship and believe to be the truth will suddenly come to their demise.

This does cause great sadness for there are many good people who are overtaken in their own biblical ignorance. It saddens us that many people have turned away from what they once knew as sacred words, to now bestow the ways of those who have also lost their direction in the name of what those of your world would call spiritual.

To truly be spiritual there is no need for fame, greed and deceit. To make false claims of our world and what may or may not be here beyond your realm is beyond their common sense.

No one of your world is able to do this, for this is not for you to know until it is your time to come to be in our world. The lost ones with no direction of the truth will once again be born to your world to learn from what it was that their lessons in your world failed to teach them.

This will be repeated until they learn what it is that they have laid before themselves. Not all will be on the same path as another and this is how it is to be. All are learning exactly what he or she needs to in this life and nothing of your world can change that.

Some will come to major changes in their lives, where at one time others knew them as wrong, but this has nothing to do with how others have caused these changes in them. This is all yet a part of their path and we watch closely as they follow through as it was given to them.

Every path that is laid out before you has been chosen as lessons from our world. There are many paths to be taken for each of you and this is how you are meant to learn.

Some will be given many things in life while others will have to suffer in ways that you question why this has to happen. As we have said before, this too will be shown to you when it is your time to come to us.

You need not know all the answers now, as you will never comprehend what it is that we would tell you about this. When your times on your earth are over, you will then be told many answers and begin to learn what the reasons and purposes are for all that happens.

Some may be given small insights of questions that ponder your minds, but not all the answers will be given. Not before, or in your time where you are now. No one of your world has these answers, nor ever will.

There will be many of your world who will speak of seeing and knowing what it is like to have been here with us, but these are false words. There will be some of you who will have a small glimpse of the other side, but it is not for any purpose other than showing what we allow and for specific reasons unto you.

Judgement of others is not for you to make. We do not judge you, as we are only here to guide you through this lifetime.

We may have been with you in other lives before and may be with you in lifetimes to come if you are to go back and live in your world again. If our time with you is over, another will be appointed to you, and then they shall be with you until the end of that lifetime.

The time will come when you will stand before our council and only then will your life be brought before you so you may look upon what had been learned or not learned in that lifetime.

Some will go back to the world you came from and must repeat what is not right in order to learn from the mistakes that you continue to make. This can take many lifetimes for some of you.

There are also some of you who are now on their last lifetime and will go on in our world to other things, yet still learning. You will then learn the process of acquiring more knowledge, and again this will only be shown to you once you have completed all that was needed of you in the world you live in now.

Some again, will be given a small measure of what is to happen then, but only those that are on a very high level of awareness will be shown this, as they will be able to understand what it is we talk about here. Only those we use to help teach our words in your world will be given this knowledge in order to help us with our work..


* * * * * * * * * *


Major gas explosion in a South American country, fires will be hard to contain and will burn for several weeks. Thick black smoke will cover this once beautiful land. The world will tilt from its axis and there will be ground moving and devastating effects.

Floods and tsunamis will flood many lands caused by this. Some countries will disappear as you know them and will no longer exist in your world.


* * * * * * * * * *


Authors note: In the book they mention countries near me. In case you wonder where that might be I live in the UK. They have since given the names of three countries where very specific things are said to be going to happen. Those predictions are mentioned in detail on my blog,