Note From Lorraine

Knowing these words have been given through me makes me feel very humbled. I question where it all comes from as much as anyone is able and have to say, although this feels totally genuine, I always question and doubt.

To me, the day we stop questioning and testing the spirits is the day we should stop working for God, as it means we have become too complacent and our discernment unreliable.

In the four days it took me to compile this book, someone in Canada was also receiving messages from the spiritual realms of God. It is of our opinion these words were given to the person concerned as conformation the contents of this book were true.

The ones who gave the messages you will next read say they do not judge. From what has been said to T.L it appears general guides (angels) are with each of us to guide us through life and it is they who spoke with her.

The ones speaking to you through this book say they do judge and are of what they call, The Council. This explains the difference in whether they judge us or not.

They say they are at God’s right hand to decide what becomes of us in all our lifetimes and in the spirit world in-between lives and that is the final days when God will be the only judge.

In the Bible it mentions the twenty-four elders at God’s right hand side – is this maybe who has spoken to us? I have no idea, but feel rather overwhelmed that it may well be.

Angels created by God have their own job to do. There are far more types of angel than we could possibly know of. We have been allowed a glimpse of some, but most are not for us to know about while of this world.

All they say about me in these pages makes me question how genuine this is, but time will show. I am deeply embarrassed about the mentions of me and would love to have taken those parts out.

However, if all they say comes to pass in years to come, then maybe it will show the rest of their words to be honest and true also. By leaving them in, it is a test for me, as well as for all of you, as to whether their words are true and genuinely of God – for God never lies.

Since this book was first published four years ago, many of the predictions have already been seen to be happening – or have happened. Also, the way I work has changed a lot and is still changing – just as they said would happen. Some of this has remained private for now.

Although I agreed a few years back to do this work for God, I had no idea it was to be done in some of the ways it has been nor be as difficult.

If I am to do all they hint at in this book, do I still want these gifts? I’m not sure to be totally honest. It worries me I may not be worthy or up to the challenge and might let God down.

If I am to be entrusted with the work they say, whatever that may be, then I ask you to pray for me to have the courage, strength and humility needed to do whatever is asked of me to the best of my ability.

Some people may wonder at the way and fashion in which this book is worded. As this book contains messages, words and prophecies from those not of our world, it should be left exactly how they gave it to me. Their wording is not mine to change.

If it were changed to the way you or I would speak, it would lose the sound of their ‘voice’ and be just as a human of our world.

My love and gratitude go to Terri and Lynda for their never-ending support, love and friendship. A special thanks to Lynda for taking so much time to proof read this book and to Terri for yet another wonderful book cover design – two very dear friends.

The words sent to me by the lady in Canada now follow for you to read yourselves. I leave it up to you to make of it what you will.

Messages from TL Canada CLICK HERE