Chapter 11

Another thing we wish to talk to you about is those who are born with the gifts my friends. They are not to be confused with those who acquire them by man. It is true all can learn to do this work to a very limited degree but what is it you work with and who?

We have heard those who work for us warn you of the dangers only to be  ignored. It is this we need to speak with you about now. You do not know what it is you deal with and if you did you would recoil in horror. Much is done to deceive and not just of your world and by people existing there.

There is much from our world also that needs to be avoided and kept away from and yet so many of your world are enticing this to work with them just so they can be seen to be called mediums.

This is more dangerous than you realise my friends and it is this practice of calling anyone to you that has allowed so much badness into your world. You do not recognise what it is you bring to you and that it is left behind in your world when you stop what you call working.

So many think they are being true and good mediums but are being deceived. These are the ones guilty of bringing badness into your world. It is attaching itself to people who are unaware it is doing so.

It is not the ones who call up these things this happens to, but often to people who never go near those who do. It is unleashed into the world and attaches itself to anyone passing by at the time.

We know many will not like that we say this and many will pretend this is not so, as it means they have to stop what it is they do and they won’t want to. But these are the people responsible for much of what is bad in your world today. They say they are doing good things and bringing comfort and they may well be doing so in some small ways, but they are also causing untold damage to your world and the people in it.

They are the ones who laugh at and ridicule the one who writes this book for us and we know that and apologise to her for it, but she has agreed to do this work and she will be looked after by us for allowing us to do this to her.

This all has to be said though my friends, for what many of you do is dangerous. You have been told over and over that you do not know what it is you play with and you ignore us and those we send to tell you.

This is why much has to happen in the world now to restore the balance you have upset. It is because you have not been chosen to do this work that you cannot recognise or understand the dangers of which we tell you. If you were truly what you claim to be, you would know of these things already.

Anyone without this knowledge is not working for us or with us, but is working with that which comes into the world under guise of good only in order to destroy your world and make man the way he is now.

We have tried over a long period of time to teach you these things. We have sent people to you in order that they can spread our warnings and tell others of them, but our people are ignored as mankind thinks only he can do what it is we do. They cannot and are deceiving themselves as well as those who go to them.

If you had been chosen to do our work you would know, you would not have had to go to another man to make you do these things. These men have done much harm to the world and yet they glorify themselves and their body as though they have done a good thing.

Their punishment is to be great when they come to us for helping cause the destruction of all that was good in your world and for leading so many astray by their teachings and greed. For this is what led them.

What was once truth was taken over by greed and made into something that is now a lie. They talk of the antichrist in your world and already we see it at work and we know what and who it is that are to blame. Don’t think it is coming well after your time my friends, as it is already there and sweeping through your world.

You know of what we speak and yet many will deny this is what they are doing, but ask yourselves this, how many are allowing you to be natural? How many of these people are demanding you do it all their way only and how many of them are allowing you to do it freely without their interference?

Beware my friends as you have been taken in for a long, long time now, but their rule is over, as we are now to make sure those who are of pure heart take over and lead the way in truth, love and pure white light like no other your world has seen before.

Many talk of this love and light, but know not what it means. To them it is words and we laugh each time they say them as we see their ignorance and the real outcome behind their words, work and deeds. Many indeed are to be angered by this and by our words, but we care not, as now is the time for all this to be changed.

The world and the people in it deserve to be told the truth of where this deception is leading them. Destruction upon destruction is to befall your world because of the way mankind has lived and behaved. He is the one guilty for bringing this badness into the world that now has to be cleansed. If you need to decry anyone and berate them my friends, let it not be the one who writes this for us, but those who have brought this upon you.

There has to be everything done at the right time and this is now the time. It had to be done, as it is the law of how it was to be. Much more ahead will also follow, but not in your time. There will always be badness and there will always be good, but when it gets unbalanced, this imbalance has to be redressed and now is the time we have to do this.

You have known it is coming as many have already told you of it. Some of the ones who have are people who work for us and with us to do the work that needs to be done.

Enough of this nonsense we see called spirituality. It is not spirituality, it is badness under the guise of good people. They have become far too big and deceptive now. Their lies and deception are to be curtailed as they see numbers fall greatly and their greatest liars exposed for what they are.

Many talk of the deceptions of religion. There is no deception, as we well know. Only mankind gets things wrong at times. They are human with human failings and this is very different from deceiving people for gain.

Those who talk of great wealth seen by some religions must understand there is a reason for them to have this wealth. You do not understand what it is they do with much of it as it is not for you to know, but rest assured many good deeds are done using this money for things you know nothing of.

This, my friends is what we mean by good deeds done that others know nothing of. Good deeds done without the public seeing and knowing so they can say how wonderful you are. These deeds are done behind closed doors and in secret so only their Maker knows what it is they do.

The best deeds are the ones none know about and where no attention or recognition is required. Those who do most so publicly are the ones who do the least. Some good deeds have to be seen to be public to make them work, it is not these we talk of here, it is the ones able to be done in secret and for which many are often ostracised by others who have no idea of what it is that actually happens with no eyes watching.

Many religions have great wealth and this wealth is needed for what they do. Those who decry religion are those with the hearts of stone, for if they were of a truly good heart themselves, they would see only the good the true religions do and not the bad.

They have survived for all this time whilst those that are short lived are to find they fall more and more until they cease to exist.

They claim to have done much for the world, and they have, but their claims it has been good are misguided. As we have told you, because they know not what it is they’re doing, they have unleashed horrors into your world and they have to pay for this.

Not all involved are to blame, as they have only done what taught to do themselves by others. Those who know they are not capable of things they say they are will be punished though. They have not only deceived many, but are also responsible for bringing the world to the state it is now in.

Look at their hearts my friends if you wish to know which are to blame. Listen not to their words, which are often used in ways to deceive, look instead at what lies in their hearts and how they are to gain from it all.

Not long now till they start to see what is to befall them. It is to happen slowly and not all in a rush. Much will happen that will be of a sudden in the world, but their fall is to be slow and lingering as they try to hold a grip on that which they have controlled for too long now.

They are to fall from grace and those who truly work for us are to rise slowly above them to be seen and have their words heard instead. For their words are good and come from us who wish to save you all, while theirs come with a wish only to elevate themselves.

No more on this now, but be vigilant and from now, open your eyes to what it is we tell you and see for yourselves. Their behaviour and response to our words will say much to you if you open your eyes to see. Many of you will keep your eyes firmly closed, as that is to be your path in this lifetime, but many more are now to open theirs. And this is all we ask of you.

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