Chapter 14

We hear so much strange talk amongst the people of your world. Talk of flying through time and space and of visiting places not of your world. We tell you now that this does not happen. It is in the minds of the ones who say this. This is such strange talk and we know not from where it comes.

The human mind has a strange way of behaving at times and those who are susceptible to suggestion will imagine all sorts of fabled happenings, creatures and the like.

We tell you now that none of this is real. You do not leave bodies and travel through space and time. Those who say they do, are imagining this is what is happening to them when in a dream state. It is nothing more than this.

Why is it your world has to make up such strange things in order to get attention from others? We do not understand this craving in today’s world of such things. None of this is from us and if they believe it is happening to them they need to recognise it is in their minds only.

There are those who do leave their bodies though at times near death. This is true and for those who do not believe this we tell you now this does indeed happen. They are the only ones this happens to and those who say it happens at times not near death are using their imagination only. It is nothing that can happen to a human unless their time is near.

Of those it does happen to, they say they have a choice whether to come back. This is one part they get confused with. No one of your world has a choice in this matter. They are allowed a glimpse of what there is to come for them and for all who are to leave your world one day. It is not all good though and they are only allowed to see a smallest glimpse of what happens when one first leaves their earthly body behind. Those who say this happens at other times to them are not to be believed.

There are others who have been allowed a glimpse of things that are not of your world, but these are not as many who claim this to be so.  It is easy for you to tell if these people tell the truth, for those who have truly seen are overawed by what it is they have witnessed.

They will be unable to put into words of your world what it is they have actually been allowed to see and experience. So much talk in your world of wonders from ours and we are saddened by the amount of people who now do this for attention.

They are not telling you the truth my friends and they are doing it only for themselves to gain glory and attention. Those who make huge sums from telling these stories will one day pay for what they do. For others who tell them without it being for monetary gain, their punishment will be less than the others.

Some do it for attention, some for fame and glory and yet others just for the money they can take from poor unsuspecting souls. We tell you now that most of what you hear about this is in their minds and is not as they tell you it is. Please my friends ignore what it is they say and do. Think for yourselves and recognise this for what it truly is.

So much talk of wondrous beings and mythical beasts are in abundance in your world today and we watch and shudder at the way so many believe this nonsense, for it is nonsense my friends and we are truly saddened that so many believe in this and yet refuse to believe our Saviour exists.

What is it about mythical creatures and angels you believe in and yet find hard to accept about the true God and angels? Why is this and why do you believe the things made from man are more real than the One who died to save you all?

Can you not see how hypocritical many of you are being with this strange belief of yours? How sad it is to watch this and have you ignore us all. We have tried so hard to save you from yourselves and yet you listen not to us, but to man who misleads you for his own gain.

You need to ask yourselves, what have we to gain who tell you of the one true God? What do we earn or receive in return for telling you the truth about His holy angels?

We have nothing to gain from it except saving your souls from ruination. Yet you would rather believe man and his mythical creatures. Some of you will now listen to us from having read the words we share with you here, many others again will laugh and ridicule what is true.

That is your choice and we cannot stop you with what path you choose to take. All we can do is warn you and send those who work for us to do the same. We use them to spread our words and already they have been doing this and yet many choose not to listen.

It is for this reason we come to you to speak with you ourselves, hoping if you do not listen to our messengers of your world, you will listen to us. As we say, some will and many others will not and this is why the things of your world we have warned about will have to occur.

We are so sorry this has to be, but you have made your own choices and decisions. Those who are weak and unable to walk the good path in this lifetime, will have to come back many more times, until they find which is the straight and narrow path that brings them finally to their resting place with us.

It is not their fault and we beg of you to let them be. They do not understand as others do. Some of you are of a level of understanding that you will heed our words and change your ways. You will help spread these words and get others to read and hear them.

Others again already know these things of what we tell you, but for those who are not ready yet in this lifetime we ask you to be gentle with them. Be not too harsh, as it is their path and lesson that you all once walked yourselves.

You have progressed and become what you are today; they have yet to reach that stage of their journey. All you can do is help support those who do our work. Many will be talked of and ridiculed and this is where you my friends can help and do work for us also.

Help them, support them and help them through what it is others will do and say to them. We have already asked you this before, but we need to ask again as many will ignore our words and leave those who do our work to fend for themselves. They will be left alone to suffer at the hands of those not yet ready to change or understand.

There are some who know and understand the words we say to you here, but others who will ignore what we do, for theirs is to be a life of badness this time around. This is something they will have to do for reasons many cannot understand.

There is badness in your world and this has to be for the balance. If it were not so, none of you would learn the lessons you need to learn and there would be no progress. What would be the point of eventually reaching your home here with us if it were not perfect and you had the same where you are now? It would be no point at all my friends and so you have to understand there are beasts in your world just as there are in ours.

This is what you have been taught about in your holy books and yet choose to ignore. Read them again, learn what is in them and study well if you wish to understand. Seek out those who can explain the words within these books to you, for this is what their job in your world is. They are there to help you understand if you so wish.

Some of you already do this, but many others don’t, as they would rather read the things man makes up to tell him of his myths, fables and mystical creatures. They will often call them by names we too have, just in order to deceive you.

Angels are the most glorious creatures God created and are not as many of those of your world would have you believe. How can you truly think they are? We are so saddened by how many of you listen to these things and yet ignore those angels with you every day to guard you and guide you through life.

Why is it you all want to know what lies ahead? We have told you many would not wish to know the true path of your future, as not all of you are to have one that is kind to you in this lifetime.

Leave all of that behind you now and live life as you are meant to. Pray and have faith. Trust and have hope. Ask and the answers will be shown to you, but most of you ask of the wrong people for your answers and this is why so many are misguided and sent on the wrong paths.

You say this is meant to be then if they do that, but we tell you now that this is not how it is all meant to be. This is why we use people like the one who writes this for us to guide you back onto the path you should tread.

Some of you will listen and others will ridicule. That is their path and you should ignore their words of badness. We are interested only in those now who can be saved, for we know many will be saved through those who work for us and others will not be able to in this lifetime.

Some are not ready to hear and some are not ready to see. You must leave them and not waste your precious time my friends. If you see they are blind and deaf to the words of truth, waste not your time and instead, live your life as best you can and save yourselves.

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