Chapter 2

The first of the things we wish to tell you today is of the world you live in and how you all treat it. So many are cruel to each other and to the animals that live with you.

We are deeply saddened by this cruelty shown towards God’s earthly creatures, no matter who or what they are.

Why this suffering has to be part of your world is something we hear many of you ask each day. It is because our Heavenly Father gave you all free will. You know this to be true and know also this is why so much badness is in your world. Not all can be good, just as not all can be bad. There are always two sides to everything in life, but in the end a balance is met.

Look around you and see how this balance is now starting to shift. It is becoming much heavier on the side of badness and this imbalance has to be redressed. This is why much is to befall many of the countries of your world and the seas.

People are to be affected wherever this happens and lives will be lost in great numbers with some of these events that are to happen. In other places not so much will be destroyed, but the events to occur are not just to redress that which is wrong with the world, but also man’s behaviour where it can be.

Many people of your world will re-think their lives and how they live due to things they see happen. Many more will ignore it and not care what it is befalling others. They will walk away, but their day will come my friends have no fear. They too will suffer, but their suffering will be far greater and will come to them after they leave your earthly life.

What is this suffering that is to befall some after leaving this world is a question many of you will now be asking. We cannot tell you this, as it is one of the mysteries we are not permitted to share with you, but there are others we will be so do not worry. The important thing is you lead as good a life as you can and care for others as you have been asked to do. If all do this they have nothing to fear.

For those who ignore and do not heed this warning, their fate is to be one none of you would wish for. There is time to think about past deeds and repent. For those who do, they can be helped and saved this punishment in its extreme, but they will still have to suffer for what they have already done.

Good deeds done in abundance now can help redress some of what they have done in the past, but not all. For many the time is too late and their badness in your world too great.

Be assured my friends, that those who have caused the greatest harm to man beast or the planet will have their just rewards when they come to us. It is not something they would look forward to if they know of what that was to be. For the rest of you there is no need to fear, as only little matters need to be redressed and the punishment only small.

So many of your world are to laugh at this and say it is pure fantasy. We know this will happen and so does our Heavenly Father. We worry not as this has to happen. It is all part of the plan and the greater picture. They cannot have their eyes opened or truths revealed to them before their time is ready. Not all in your world is ready for the truth, or what it is we have to share with you, but their time will come in other future lifetimes they will have here.

For those of you ready to listen, to hear and to see, our words will not only bring you hope, but they will also help guide you in the ways that are right for you to carry on with this life you have now.

Some are to see our words as only negative things, but those whose eyes are more open will see the truth behind them and the joy it is to bring as the imbalance is to be restored at last.

Too many now of your world try to disturb those who have already come to us and even though we have sent others to tell them this is not how it is meant to be, they ignore what they hear as they prefer their own ways to God’s.

Who is God and what is He we hear you all ask? This is not for any of you to know until you join us, and maybe not until you have joined us many times.

He is real, He exists and He is the one who will make the final judgment, but for now He leaves us in charge to watch over what it is you all do.

He is aware of what it is you do, but He has appointed us to watch over mankind and to help where we can. We watch, we protect, we teach and we try to help where we can, but so many ignore what it is we say or try to do to help them.

We work with those who have been chosen in your world to spread our words and to help us in our work. There are many who do this, but not all are doing it in the way we ask of them. Some are not strong enough to withstand the ways of man and how they are treated, whilst others have proved their worth and will now move forward to be heard.

Some of these people will move now in a way they never envisioned doing as doors are opened for them. They are to work together in ways they never thought they would before. Some will work alone and others will be put together to work, as their gifts are to help enhance each other’s.

There are many who will ask who we are that speak these words. We are at God’s right hand and have been selected and chosen to do this work for Him. What we are is of no matter to you and who we are is even less important as we are not of flesh and never have been.

We are of matter that no man can understand. If we were to tell you what we were or consist of it would not be able to be understood by any of your world as there is much you know nothing of yet and will not know of until you join us.

Even then, many of you living now will not be ready to meet with us yet, as many more lives have yet to be lived before you are to reach that level or stage of awareness.

It is only when you are at the end of all your lives you will be allowed to understand these things, but for many of you, this is a long time away – many times in fact.

These things cannot be rushed no matter what some might say to you. Listen to our words, heed our warnings and try to understand what it is we expect from you and hope to see.

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