Chapter 8

So many will be shocked at our words of anger and intolerance of those in your world, as they wish to believe where we are all is gentle and calming. It is not so for those who still have to learn.

As we have already told you, there are lessons to be learned by all of you and some of these lessons have to be learned while you are with us and some will be back in the world you have just left when you return to live the life you gave to others when you were there in your last lifetime.

There are those who talk of Karma and they are quite right. Things you have done will come back on you, but it is not quite how they think, as there is far more to it than any of you realise. Far worse than you can imagine and if we worry you with our words we are pleased, as there are many of your world who have to rethink the way they live if they are to be saved horrors to befall them later in another life or when they come to us.

Yes, my friends, this may shock you, but horrors do await some of you. We know you think not and many who read this will try to pretend this is wrong and only words given from the one who writes this for us. We tell you now, this is not wrong and we are here now to give yet another warning of what might befall you unless you re-think your ways and your lives.

Some of what you suffer is to befall you in the world you live at present and will not be very pleasant at all. Some will be caught up in horrors that are to happen within your world and the ones you have to thank for this are those who have sinned and behaved in such bad ways. They believe there is nothing after this life of yours but little do they realise.

Horror upon horror is to befall your people in many different parts of the world. They are to be great in magnitude and are to happen more and more as people ignore what we warn them of.

The more our words are ignored, the more they will bring disasters upon the world. Some of these are to be catastrophes brought about by mankind, but are to be allowed to happen for you to realise where you go wrong.

Too many people of your world are full of greed and this is also the leaders of the countries in the world we speak of now and not just the people they lead. They are to suffer at the hands of others, as they lead you all further and further into destruction as their greed sees no end and becomes mightier and mightier.

How the great will fall and others will take their place to also be thrown aside as we destroy the countries and cities these people rule. Not all will be destroyed totally, but many smaller places will not survive what is to befall their countries.

Think about what we say and do not treat it lightly as foolish thoughts of the one who writes for us, for it will come to pass. It is already befalling some of you as disasters have already been seen in many parts of the world where none were expected to happen in the way they have. More of this will follow and they will become greater and more frequent the more mankind ignores our words.

For those of you who try to lead the good life and listen to us, we are sorry that some of you will have to suffer as these things occur. It is not possible to separate you from the others as the magnitude of what is to happen in some places is to be far too great for that to be possible, but we tell you now, your rewards on coming to us are to be plentiful and in ways you never dreamed of.

The others are to suffer in ways they had no idea existed. Mankind thinks he knows all ways to hurt and destroy his fellow man, but they know nothing. There are ways they have no idea even exist and these ways are to be shown them when they come to us. What they have inflicted on others is nothing compared to what they will receive when they come to us.

We hear talk of heaven and hell by those in your world and the words are not as you believe them to be, but the meaning behind them is real my friends and those of you who think it is something made up by man to control you, we tell you now it isn’t. There is to be great pain and suffering inflicted on those who have done the same to others in their lifetime and for those who have done good deeds, then great joy is to be theirs.

Laugh if you will at these words, as we know many will, but at your peril. One day you will come to us, and at the time this is to happen, it will be too late for you to beg forgiveness. Now is the time you need to do that in order to lessen the things you are to suffer when you come to us. Start now to change your ways and if you heed what we say, we can be more lenient with you.

Once you were ignorant my friends and had no understanding and for those who had none we excuse some of what they do. For those who know their deeds to be wrong and who do them anyway, their punishments are to be great.

For those who say not to judge they are wrong. Man is able to judge just as we do by your actions. If they are to suffer at your hands they are entitled to judge your actions and if they see others suffer at your hands they can judge then also.

We say to you now though, that those who believe you are to punish these people yourselves, it is wrong. You must not do this as that is something we are to do not you. There are some things man is able to do to make them suffer, but not in ways reserved for when they come to us.

To send someone to us before their time is wrong – be not guilty of that my friends, for in doing so, you become as they are themselves. You are to be better than these people and not allow yourselves to be tarnished by their badness.

Remember, their lot is to be far greater when they return to your world for another lifetime than anything you can do to them yourselves.

There are man’s ways to punish and there are God’s. God is the ultimate judge and we have been appointed by Him to judge you on your deeds when you first come to our world.

The different levels you will come to are many and varied. Each will go to the one according to his deeds as well as his levels of awareness and understanding. Some levels are much lower than others and they are of far greater numbers than you can possibly count in your minds.

Each will be appointed to the level suited to them as individuals and nothing they have said, done or even thought will be left out of their judgement. It is said in many holy books of your world that this is to be and yet there are many now who mock this teaching and belief.

Let them mock and do not let it bother you. Rest easy my friends in your belief and understanding and from now try to live as well you can. Think back over all the deeds, thoughts and behaviour of your life and try to redress that which you know to be wrong.

We are watching at all times and will assess what it is you did, against what it is you do from now. All will be looked at and considered and what you do from now that is good can cancel out those deeds that were bad. It is not too late to change. It is never too late to change, but unless your good deeds outweigh the bad when you come to us, there will be a need to be repaid for all that was wrong.

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