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New Book – much awaited sequel now available

Here it is folks, the much awaited sequel of It’s in Their Eyes is now here. This time, we have murder and mystery. Hope you enjoy it as much as the first book.



Paedophilia was not as lucrative as it had been.

This story opens with disturbing reality in the first two chapters, before taking us to Hartford where sexually abused children are safely housed and cared for.

The very beautiful and determined CeeCee, plus her friends, Maisie, Angel and Rose were first seen in It’s in Their Eyes.

This much-awaited sequel follows on with their story, again adding twists and turns in ways least expected.

Despite accidents and murder, they are determined to continue their work saving as many children as possible.


Little do they realise the shockwaves it will bring and just who it is they’re upsetting.




Abused or abuser, it’s in their eyes. Gemma was a child who knew all about men’s desires, but nothing else of life until she ran away from home.

Thanks to William and Louise, her life was to change in ways she never knew existed. Gemma later had an idea, which became her plan. Could she turn it into a reality, or would it forever remain a dream? With her friends Angel, Rose and Maisie she was determined to try.

A story that might shock, make you cry or inspire and uplift you. Whichever it does, it is one you will never forget.

REVIEWS- It’s in Their Eyes

“… So well written it had me nearly in tears in places… this writer knows how to get into the minds and hearts of her readers. Fabulous, I cannot wait for the sequel.” FO

“Such a well written story for an extremely disturbing topic… ” KE

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