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Predictions and Prophecies

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What This Book Is About


With words coming from those who sit at God’s right hand, this is a book that tells us what is to come before it happens and how some can be prevented. For the rest of what is to happen, it is already far too late – the damage has already been done.

Some will love this book, others will hate it, but none can ignore the fact much has already come true since first published. As for the rest, time will tell.

Originally titled, The Spirit World Speaks, this is a book filled with predictions and prophecies about present times and beyond. It also talks of the afterlife, what becomes of us and why animals too have to suffer.

Since its publication in 2012, many of the worldwide weather predictions have already come true. The list is far too extensive to put here, in its entirety but can be easily checked. Weather extremes such as never seen before, temperature and weather reversals in various countries, plus weather and temperatures never seen before in certain countries (both cold and hot) would happen making history. All of this has been seen to happen.

Some other things we were told to expect were: in-bred severely disabled and deformed people ahead in time, but that some would be seen now (Australia). Land would appear (Japan and the Pacific near Tonga and the Red Sea areas to mention just three) and that more land would disappear.

New diseases would surface and old ones resurrect themselves. Treatments once successful would become ineffective and some new diseases would have no cure available. Contamination of water and destruction by water of towns, cities and livelihoods in many countries would be seen (this has happened extensively over the last year or two especially).

We’d see both animal extinction (several since 2013) and new animal life discovered (ten new ones discovered in 2013). Disasters were to follow closer and closer together and become larger. All of these things and more have so far been seen to come true.

So much more was told to us and has started to happen. Nothing is left uncovered; including telling us what becomes of those who commit the worst crimes one can imagine. The message is clear, we can all be saved if we truly repent, but beware for those who don’t.

They tell us God is now claiming back His world from the false spirituality and badness that has permeated throughout. People will turn from false ways and come back to God, as spirituality will be cleansed over a period of time while false ways become seen more and more for what they are.

There are two sides once we leave this world just as there are here; the light of God and the darker sides of Satan. Not all of us will go to our heavenly rewards, but they tell us the choice is ours where we eventually end up.

Believe or disbelieve all you read, for you have free will. That free will is what will decide your present and your future. Not just in this world, but also the world beyond this one.

Will you believe the words that come from those sent by God to save us that are already proving to be predictive and true, or only those easier to hear and that come from false ways sent to lead us further from God? The choice is yours to make – I am but the messenger.





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What Some are Saying

 I finished reading the book and feel that some questions were answered but that there was a lot of info to digest. I am a bit overwhelmed……All of my beliefs that I felt comfortable with are turned upside down. It’s a bit unnerving.  L. O’H

 I’m only on Chapter 7 and already my belief system has been turned inside out. Much of what I’ve formerly been taught has been contradicted. It’s all very surprising! The future does frighten me and has for some time, but even more so now. I just started having children (a 16 month old and one will be here in early November) and I’m nervous for the world they are going to live in. I’m also wondering how much longer our families and friends have here anyway. It seems there will be a lot of devastation soon and my first instinct is to protect those I love. I also know that with devastation comes lack of supplies and I cannot live without insulin, so if my family and I survive, will I even be able to protect them? I know that everything will happen for a reason and according to God’s will regardless if we want it to or not and the world obviously needs to be changed…this is, like you said, a lot to digest. KSE

 If you’re worried about the state of the world and mankind then this book will not calm your fears! Hopefully it will make you think about and reconsider your own life and the role you play in what we see happening around us. Even if you don’t believe in prophecy or of the spirit world it takes you back to what are really the essentials to life – God, love, morality, God, love once again and finally love! It’s a scary book and impossible to read without reconsidering the choices you have made in your own life! NP

 This book made me think about many aspect of my life and the world as a whole, The Guides, spoke of destruction beyond what we’ve ever seen on a biblical scale, if you wish to see how to right your wrongs and are not of the faint hearted then read, but buckle your seat belts its a bumpy ride. One thing, its repetitive in areas but that is purely to reiterate certain points for those not willing to listen to how man is and has destroyed so much and will continue to do so purely for his own again, not many areas of life are left untouched. Will you listen? JD

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