God’s Poppy Army

God’s Poppy Army


One day a bird flew up to God and sat upon His knee.

You called me Lord and here I am

I flew as fast could be.

What is it I can help You with in thanks for all You do?

Whatever You ask I’ll try my best and know You’ll help me through.

There is a task I need my friend that will take a lot of work

Please scatter poppy seeds for me all over a place called Earth.

I need to build an army and poppies are the best

They grow where least expected and never pose a threat.

Although they look so fragile they have a hidden strength

So carry this flower within your beak and travel the world at length.

Scatter its seeds upon the earth and shake with all your might

Then leave this poppy where it lies to fight the biggest fight.

A mighty battle is raging and Satan’s done his worst

But now it’s time to rein him in and save the ones now cursed.

The poppy you dropped will spread more seeds and then you can return

To be repaid with great rewards your loyalty and work has earned.

The battle’s already started and fighting has commenced

But the people in the world I made, need to get down off the fence.

They have to decide which side they’re on in order to seal their fate

The rewards of man or riches of God, it’s

their decision to make.

Each poppy will become a person and spread throughout the world

To teach and guide all others, as my conditions and wishes unfurl.

Some will be lost forever, while others become strong and hardy

And these little bird will then become my own true Poppy Army.

© copyright Lorraine Holloway-White 2014

Jesus asks if we will say seven Our Father’s every day. Will you join me in doing so?