About Lorraine

Born and raised a Catholic, Lorraine appears to have been given the Supernatural Gifts of God. Her books and work have shown us many predictions that have already come true, with more happening all the time.

A strong believer in God, her work is about bringing as many to come to know Him as possible, while also teaching about respect for others of different beliefs.

While religion can be a very good thing, it can also see some of the worst (not to mention hypocritical) behaviour from those connected to them. Intolerance, power struggles and superiority to anyone not of similar beliefs is rife and she feels this needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

God is about love, respect, tolerance, compassion, caring, selflessness and goodness towards everyone and everything living alongside us – unconditionally. Unless these qualities are seen, practiced and strived for, those professing to know and serve Him are not only deluding themselves they are good people, but are making God saddened. Continue reading


Love Your Enemies

One thing we see a lot is people who believe in God or religion being verbally abused and ridiculed by non believers. This has always happened, but has become far worse in today’s world than we have seen for a long … Continue reading


Similarity in Differences

This morning, after breakfast in my hotel, I sat with a lovely couple and had a lengthy conversation with them. In fact, we have only just parted company. What made this morning’s conversation so much more interesting, was the fact … Continue reading


Angel Supermarket

Imagine the scene, a supermarket where there are shelves galore stocked to overflowing with angels of all different shapes and sizes. This is the angel supermarket where any angel to fit your needs can be hired for the right price. … Continue reading


Easter, A Time to Reflect and Renew

This photo of Warner Cricket St. Thomas Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor Easter is a time of new beginnings. A time for reflection, contemplation and of starting anew. In the last two weeks, I have taken time to go away … Continue reading


God, Religion and Supernatural Experiences

There are two things I’d like to hear from you about. The first is to do with those of you who walked away from their church or religion. The second is about those who may have experienced genuine natural phenomena … Continue reading


Be as Little Children

When trying to reach and teach people or guide them into ways God asks of us, we should do as Christ said we should be and become as little children. When little children speak, they speak with a directness, simplicity … Continue reading


Angels of God -v – Angels of Darkness

Most of the chapters for Predictions and Prophecies are now on YouTube and able to be heard. The whole book will be uploaded by the weekend. Now no one has a chance to say they weren’t able to hear the … Continue reading


Predictions Video Channel on YouTube

It is time more people heard the predictions and prophecies given in my book of that name (also previously named, The Spirit World Speaks). This is unable to be done free of charge via e-books, Kindles or paperbacks as you’ll … Continue reading