About Lorraine

Born and raised a Catholic, Lorraine appears to have been given the Supernatural Gifts of God. Her books and work have shown us many predictions that have already come true, with more happening all the time.

A strong believer in God, her work is about bringing as many to come to know Him as possible, while also teaching about respect for others of different beliefs.

While religion can be a very good thing, it can also see some of the worst (not to mention hypocritical) behaviour from those connected to them. Intolerance, power struggles and superiority to anyone not of similar beliefs is rife and she feels this needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

God is about love, respect, tolerance, compassion, caring, selflessness and goodness towards everyone and everything living alongside us – unconditionally. Unless these qualities are seen, practiced and strived for, those professing to know and serve Him are not only deluding themselves they are good people, but are making God saddened. Continue reading


Religious Superiority and Arrogance

Religion is far too often nothing about God, but everything about the people within them. Man’s laws, man’s ego, man’s demands and divisions. Their superiority over others, self righteousness and belief only their way is the right way. How can … Continue reading


Thank you God

Thank you God for all I have and Thank you God for all I am. Thank you for knowing me, loving me, guarding and guiding me and for doing those things for all of my family and friends throughout our … Continue reading


My Work is Done – For now

In recent years, I have been told about things that are to happen to the weather, to various countries, about disasters, the pope (and behind the scenes at the Vatican), personal matters and even about terrorist attacks. Those of you … Continue reading


Well Earned Rest

You might wonder where I’ve been recently. In all the years I’ve done my books, blog and pages on Facebook, I have never taken a proper break from it all, but I have now and am continuing to do so … Continue reading


Everlasting Prayers

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Prayer really is the most precious of gifts we can give to another person. Not only can we pray for people, but we can also offer prayers for animals, various countries, or the world in general. We don’t need anyone’s … Continue reading


Religion is Often Not about God

Religion and God are two very separate and different things. The more I see of God and his works, the more I love and want to be like Him. The more I see of certain aspects of religion and the … Continue reading


God is Claiming Back His World

  Excerpt from – Voices from Heaven Angels rejoicing and swarming together. Strange words to use – swarming but it is a gathering of angels as they appear excited at what is about to occur. White and gold they are all white … Continue reading


Praying for Souls

Anyone who is a Christian is asked to pray for the Holy Souls who have died. Padre Pio was always praying for them and offering up mass for their intentions, but what about the souls of those still living? To … Continue reading