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Lorraine Holloway-White

Lorraine Holloway-White

About Lorraine 

Born and raised a Catholic, Lorraine appears to have been given the Supernatural Gifts of God. Her books and work have shown us many predictions that have already come true, with more happening all the time.

A strong believer in God, her work is about bringing as many to come to know Him as possible, while also teaching about respect for others of different beliefs.

While religion can be a very good thing, it can also see some of the worst (not to mention hypocritical) behaviour from those connected to them. Intolerance, power struggles and superiority to anyone not of similar beliefs is rife and she feels this needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

God is about love, respect, tolerance, compassion, caring, selflessness and goodness towards everyone and everything living alongside us – unconditionally. Unless these qualities are seen, practiced and strived for, those professing to know and serve Him are not only deluding themselves they are good people, but are making God saddened. Continue reading


Heal The World

This song always brings tears to my eyes. The world God gave us is so beautiful and so are the people and animals within it that He created. Yet so many are treated so cruelly. I feel tired and weary … Continue reading


Angels do NOT do readings – Part Two

  Today, I am going to show you part of a comment I received on my post about Angels do Not do Readings (Click to read). This is the sort of false spiritual advisor that is luring people away from … Continue reading


God – With or Without Religion

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BLURB This is a book about good people from all walks of life coming together no matter their beliefs or unbelief’s, with or without God, with or without religion. The light of united goodness can overshadow the darkness now permeating … Continue reading


Book Written Backwards

This coming week is a quieter one for me and so it is hoped I can get around to finishing writing You Are God’s Church. The strange thing about this book is the way it’s being written. I’ve never heard of anyone else writing in such a way and have no idea why I am, but, it’s being written backwards.

What I posted on this blog as being chapter one, is now about chapter six. I added one more chapter and it had to go in front of that one. Then others followed and they all had to go in front of each other. Then this morning, one more followed and that too ended up becoming the new chapter one.

It is the strangest way I have ever written in my life and wonder if anyone else has done the same. Anyway, the point is, it is about to be finished and then will just need editing and proof reading before being published. Not long to wait now, but with being done backwards, it’ll be interesting for me to see if it’s worked and reads properly once I get around to doing the editing.


You Are God’s Church

Despite having been ill for months now, I tried to keep busy in the only way I was able at the time – writing.  My latest book is coming along very well and is already at over 50,000 words, so … Continue reading

Visions, Predictions and More

For anyone who follows this blog and my page on Facebook, the page has now been turned into a group for anyone wanting to join and discuss with others any of the above about my work.

It is in place of the page I had and means everyone can get to know each other and have a place to ask questions about anything I teach about that they want explained.

It will not be a group for teaching or anything else, but will show posts and discussions as time goes on and members grow. I do hope you’ll come and join us as I’d love to hear from you.

Just CLICK ON THIS LINK and request to join

Heaven is Guiding Me: Heavenly Diaries Book 2


One of two books I’ve been writing is now finished, Heaven is Guiding Me. It is Now available on Amazon and as a paperback on Lulu.com. The second book I’m writing is also nearly completed, but more of this later. For now, here is the new book and the opening paragraphs saying what it’s about.

What is this book about?

Although much has been revealed in two other books, it is now apparently time for me to share some of the things kept hidden for the last two years. They are about the pope, the Vatican and the battle the world too is to face. Continue reading

Voices from Heaven: Heavenly Diaries Book 1

Last year was a very difficult one for my family and alongside various sadnesses, I was also trying to cope very privately with other things going on in my life. It is also the reason my blog has been neglected for so long. Please forgive me for that.

Below is my new book, for those of you who read it, it will help explain my absence. It is very different and not anything I expected to be public. So, without further ado, I offer you, Voices from Heaven

Voices-EBOOK Continue reading