About Lorraine

Born and raised a Catholic, Lorraine appears to have been given the Supernatural Gifts of God. Her books and work have shown us many predictions that have already come true, with more happening all the time.

A strong believer in God, her work is about bringing as many to come to know Him as possible, while also teaching about respect for others of different beliefs.

While religion can be a very good thing, it can also see some of the worst (not to mention hypocritical) behaviour from those connected to them. Intolerance, power struggles and superiority to anyone not of similar beliefs is rife and she feels this needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

God is about love, respect, tolerance, compassion, caring, selflessness and goodness towards everyone and everything living alongside us – unconditionally. Unless these qualities are seen, practiced and strived for, those professing to know and serve Him are not only deluding themselves they are good people, but are making God saddened. Continue reading


Medjugorje – The Deception

Is Medjugorje the biggest deception in Christianity today? I believe it is and have done from the start. No real fruits seen in almost 40 years, claims that cannot be substantiated and a fanatical following that sees people never testing … Continue reading


Prayer and Jesus’ Name is Not Protection from Satan

This morning, I saw an interesting statement from a lady on the Vatican Radio page on Facebook. Her words that interested – and saddened me were these:- “The Devil and his cohorts won’t ask you to pray the rosary ,confess … Continue reading


Predictions and Prophecies – Happening Now

Below are links on YouTube to my book, Predictions and Prophecies with words shared from heaven. This book is of such importance it needs to be heard by as many people as possible. Although it is available to buy at … Continue reading


Catholic Church and Exorcism

Why does the Catholic Church have exorcists, yet refuse to help anyone coming to them for guidance about supernatural matters before it gets to that stage? They are very remiss at ignoring what has been a problem for so long. … Continue reading


Texan Humanity and Heaven’s Words

Texas is seeing so much sadness right now, but it is also seeing much goodness and a coming together of people doing the most extraordinary deeds to help others. This is yet another prediction seen to be coming true from … Continue reading


God and Texas Floods

Someone sent me a message today to say her son had asked why there were so many floods being seen that are so much bigger than others before. He was confused, and asked his mother why it was happening when … Continue reading



Kindness is something we can give to others without it costing us anything. Imagine for one moment how it makes you feel when someone is kind to you. A good deed, warm smile, offer of help without being asked, showing … Continue reading


Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

The above title is one of the most asked questions today. Everyone will have their own thoughts on this, but here are mine if you’re interested. To hear the video CLICK HERE