About Lorraine

Born and raised a Catholic, Lorraine appears to have been given the Supernatural Gifts of God. Her books and work have shown us many predictions that have already come true, with more happening all the time.

A strong believer in God, her work is about bringing as many to come to know Him as possible, while also teaching about respect for others of different beliefs.

While religion can be a very good thing, it can also see some of the worst (not to mention hypocritical) behaviour from those connected to them. Intolerance, power struggles and superiority to anyone not of similar beliefs is rife and she feels this needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

God is about love, respect, tolerance, compassion, caring, selflessness and goodness towards everyone and everything living alongside us – unconditionally. Unless these qualities are seen, practiced and strived for, those professing to know and serve Him are not only deluding themselves they are good people, but are making God saddened. Continue reading


Mediums, Mystics, Visionaries and God

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Fake man-made certificate waving mediums, false visionaries with their claims of seeing Jesus and/or ‘Mary’ with no basis except generalities anyone could and do say, all things that pander to mankind’s lust for magic, miracles and the supernatural are seen … Continue reading


How is The World Today?

How is the World Today It’s sad to see the change For our children aren’t safe anywhere anymore There’s murder and mayhem and worldwide wars Kidnapping, mugging and road rage too What in the world have we all come to? … Continue reading


Climate Change Predictions Proving to be True

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Here we see proof things are happening as predicted 12 years ago in my book of predictions and prophecies (The Spirit World Speaks). This and so much more is proving those predictions are now happening and coming true yet people … Continue reading


Supernatural Gifts – Fiction over Truth

When I wrote and talked about supernatural gifts using the word ‘medium‘ in my book, A Sceptical Medium, I had thousands following and wanting to see all I said. My book sold well. Once they realised God was talked about, … Continue reading