Medjugorje – Announcement from Vatican

  Remember what I published on my Predictions and Prophecies page in January? Is this about what was announced by the Vatican today I wonder? Please pray for the pope in whatever it is he has to do and please pray … Continue reading


Shift in the World

There appears to be a slight shift going on in the world at the moment. We are starting to see more and more people questioning why so much is happening with natural disasters, man made troubles and unrest. It’s about … Continue reading


Lightworkers who Spread hate and Bile

Discernment is something I have taught for years, as is testing the spirits. The more people are doing this, the more fake spiritual workers are finding their work drying up. Hence their attacks on me – or attempts to.  I … Continue reading


Trump, You and World Disasters

It is with despair I am watching Donald Trump rush in headfirst like a bull in a china shop as regards to destroying our planet. For all his constant repeating of the word ‘God’ in his inauguration speech, I don’t … Continue reading


Back Soon

Please forgive me not being on here for a while, I have just had my second cataract operation done and will leave it to settle for a while before working on the computer.




What drives a person to commit suicide and how many do so who have shown no outer sign to anyone that anything was wrong? Depression is something so few people understand unless they have been in the same situation themselves. … Continue reading


Christmas – Time of Birth and Re-Birth

HAPPY CHRISTMAS “Look within to see the beauty of each and every one of you. Rebirth is taking place. You are surrounded by love. As the leaves decay, so the seasons change and in the Spring, new life takes place … Continue reading



Today’s world is seeing far too much aggression, anger, spite and cruelty in so many ways. Facebook threads are filled with horrendous comments by people even when the subject matter calls for kindness, compassion and support. Yesterday, I saw news … Continue reading