One of the biggest things people seem interested in today is angels in every way, shape or form. But how real are the angels you believe in or that are on offer today?

There are certain things angels do not do, Continue reading

What is a True Follower of God?

How many people today saying they believe in God, follow, serve or even work for Him actually do? How many that claim to be Christians really are? Continue reading

Discernment or Judgment?

Do you know the difference between judgement and discernment? Which do you use in your every day life?

Here is a very Continue reading


Prayers for the Church and the World

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The Church has been in great decline for many years now and this is very evident everywhere we look. Can we do anything to help prevent it from getting worse and to maybe help build it back up again? I … Continue reading


Heavenly Diaries

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Heavenly Diaries is a compilation of three books that have also been published separately and independent of each other. Through these pages, you’ll see what it’s really like to be touched by Heaven and chosen to do the work of … Continue reading


Touched by Heaven

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Here is the last of the books of the Heavenly Diaries series. It is only available for Kindle at present, but I hope to be formatting for e-readers and paperback in the next couple of days. AMAZON US – CLICK … Continue reading


Gethsemane – Maundy Thursday

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This is a blog post from last year, but is appropriate to be shared here again today. Abuse, hardships, money worries, homeless, ill health, pain, suffering and so much more is part of everyday life for so many people. We … Continue reading


Katherine – My Beautiful Niece

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On 7th March, my darling niece, Katherine died unexpectedly. She’d just ended seven weeks of daily radiation the Friday before and had her last chemotherapy session the following Monday. Her doctors and nurses were delighted, saying how well she had … Continue reading