What is spirituality?

Spirituality means different things to different people. To me, spirituality comes from within. It is a God given gift that mankind can accept and embrace or ignore and push away from them.

Being of the New Age order, worshiping crystals, belonging to a religion, hugging trees, singing hymns, meditating or any other such practice will not make you a spiritual person. If there is no love, humility, compassion or deep faith and hope within you, all of those things you do are worthless. The latter things are what contribute to making a whole person and a whole heart and soul. There is far more than that to it, but those are the basic needs for one to be a truly spiritual person.

Always putting another persons needs before your own, respecting nature, animals and human beings. Respecting yourself and most of all, recognising and acknowledging that there is one far greater than us and the world we live in. Whatever you want to call it by (to me it is God), it is important that a greater power or being is recognised if you really want to be spiritual.

Spirituality is a word that is much misused these days. So many people call themselves spiritual beings and yet are far from it. I have seen people who profess to be very spiritually evolved and progressed and yet they are full of greed, materialism, pride, selfishness, hatred and ego. None of these is a spiritual trait and yet because they may chant, burn oils or incense, pretend to be healers or mediums, go to church or do any other suchlike thing, they believe themselves to be spiritual beings.

Work on your inner self, realise and accept we are nothing without God’s Grace and blessings. Accept and find humility and love from deep within yourself. Start learning to love your fellow human beings, animals and nature and respect them all more than yourself and without conditions attached.

When you love those who despise you and hurt you and can find it within your heart to truly forgive them even though they ask no forgiveness, then you’ll know you are on your way to becoming more spiritual. You don’t have to like them or understand them in order to be able to do this. Their behaviour is all they understand and maybe they are very young souls with much ahead to learn. You as an older soul should be sorry for them instead and lead by good example. Remember, in other lifetimes, maybe you were as they themselves are now.

Your spirituality should show by your deeds and not your words. Whatever good deeds you do for others that go unseen, are worth far more than those that were done in order to be recognised. Go within and seek for what lies underneath the surface. Learn to tap into what is there and look for what lies deeply hidden in most people.

Stop striving for what you don’t have and count your blessings for what you do. Once you have found true spirituality and humility, it is hoped more peace will come into your mind and life. It is a long and a very hard path at times, but nothing worth having ever comes to us easily. Remember, it is the bad times we learn the most lessons from; the good times are only there to help smooth the path a little.

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