Words from God and Our Blessed Mother

"Pray, pray like you have never prayed before, as the hour is now upon your world for disaster to befall many who have hurt my beloved son."

“Pray, pray like you have never prayed before, as the hour is now upon your world for disaster to befall many who have hurt my beloved son.”

All the words in the above prayer – and the caption below it – were given to me by Our Lady last year (2014) at the same time all the more recent predictions were being given to me also. This is the first time I am admitting that publicly on my blog.

I was intending posting a blog post already written about priests and the role they play, but something made me add this picture and the caption. For some reason, I feel I am being made to publish this prayer and it could well be the timing is right for people to now see it again.

The prayer has been published before, but I never publicly said how it was given to me and left people to assume they were my own words. They aren’t. They were given to me, and seconds after I typed Amen, the words in the caption were given so we would be left in no doubt who it was who’d given us this prayer to say.

Shame and embarrassment of even thinking I could possibly have had such visitations made me keep that part from you. Also, the fact that by saying it aloud made me feel it would somehow tarnish their majesty. Today, I am being made to recognise the only important thing, is to do as asked of me and give credit for such beautiful words to the Ones who gave them to us. My embarrassment means nothing – is nothing and is wrong.

The predictions and prophecies given me that God wishes to be seen are already able to be read in Voices from Heaven, but mainly in The Spirit World Speaks. The Spirit World Speaks is a title I dislike immensely, but have been told there had to be two books with similar warnings and each had to be aimed at different audiences to reach as many people as possible.

Voices from Heaven will reach those who already believe in God and who follow Him. The other, due to the wording of the title, will reach those who now follow mainly false gods. It is hoped some of those who read that book will heed the warnings inside, although they know many more won’t and even state that in those pages.

It is also hoped that those who read Voices from Heaven, will do as asked of them and go on to read the contents of that other book, as it is the main one of predictions and prophecies. The books have been reduced on to make them affordable to most people. The print on demand charge I have to pay is what makes them unable to be any cheaper (or free) – or they would be. 

Last year, I was asked to make very blatant predictions naming two places in particular where there would be a volcano that would then be followed soon after by a major earthquake – very major. I did as asked and published it on this site, but have tried to play it down and have therefore, not put that prediction anywhere else due to not wanting to cause drama – as so many seem to want these days. Already, the words describing another volcano to kill thousands has been seen to happen – as has much else they predicted.

God works in quiet ways until He wants to make people sit up and take notice. These two events, although natural, I am told will be by His hand. This is in order for the world to take notice of all the warnings that have been given before and duly ignored as never likely to happen. By naming places and seeing them happen, I am told people will have to sit up and recognise that maybe God is trying to tell them all something after all.

They ignore they are being warned and asked to change their ways, mainly because most reading such words refuse to accept God can be One of anger. They want Him to be a god only of love and with no punishments for any wrongdoing or bad living. God of the Bible is not wanted today. Only the false ones they follow and try to turn Him into are accepted.

There is another major event that will be by man’s hands and that place too has been named. At the time of being asked to publicly give those warnings and name the first two countries concerned, I felt sure they were not to happen at that time. I wondered why it was asked of me to warn people publicly so early, when it would be seen nothing happened soon after. I was later told it was to see if I would obey against all my instincts and trust God one hundred percent. I do trust Him entirely, so did as asked of me.

What people would think if they didn’t happen at that time didn’t worry me. What people think of me never has bothered me. All I care about is serving God and not upsetting, disobeying or offending Him if I can help it. I fail miserably at that, but He knows I try as best I can.

So why have I felt drawn to post this again now? I have no idea. I can only assume that maybe the next months will see what was predicted maybe come to fruition. Who knows – only God. For me, I just do as asked of me and as guided. For you, it is up to you to also decide whether this could possibly be true or not. All you can do is what I do, pray and ask God to allow you to be guided.

Our Heavenly Mother told us we need to pray without ceasing and She is right – we do need to and never more than now. God asked of me many years ago to say a prayer daily. For well over twenty years I have been doing so without telling anyone. Last year, He asked me to get others to join with me in saying it daily.

If you would like to say it and ask your priest/vicar/pastor and church members or friends to join in also, I know God would be joyous at your willingness to do His Bidding. It is called the Heptatic Pater Noster and consists of saying Seven Our Father’s daily. To see it, please CLICK HERE

The prayer page at the link above has the prayers given by God and Our Lady for us to say. The fact today they wish it to be known those words were from them, means it is time they wish them to be said in earnest by as many as possible. Again, might I ask if you would share them with your churches? Thank you.

Time must be close for events to be seen if these prayers are now needed en masse, but their idea and ours of time being close is often very different. Last year again, I was told to ask people to pray the rosary and to have masses said by those who believe in both things. For those who don’t, they were asked to pray with all their might for what was soon to befall our world.

Records I have kept of all the writings and words given to me show the usual span of their time can be from days to one whole year. It is rare it would be much longer than a year, but can be. Unless stated otherwise, it is not many years ahead. Such predictions with open ended time would not be real predictions.

It still embarrasses me to say God and Our Blessed Lady may have come and spoken to me. It is something I have kept secret for many years and don’t like making public. It was difficult enough for me to try to accept. It still is without expecting anyone else to accept it might be true. Last year, God decided it was time I did. Today again, I have been asked to do this post to make sure their prayers are said and to make this public also.

With your help, we can make this worldwide prayer they ask of us possible. It will be hard for you to ask a priest to do as asked of us and to say the prayers have come from Heaven, but be brave. Be a soldier for Christ and put away your embarrassment as I have had to do. Together, our prayers will help, just as we are told they will. We know they will, because God and Our Blessed Lady say so – and they never lie. Have faith, for in faith anything at all is possible.

God Bless and thank you, Lorraine

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