Supernatural Gifts of God

Christian/Catholic or just plain believer in God, but having experiences you don’t understand and that worry you why they’re happening? Are you unsure what happens to a mystic and why? It is a mystery no one of this world can explain – despite many saying they can, but we can and should be given proper guidance.

If you’d like to learn what true Supernatural Gifts of God are (rather than the false ways seen and claimed to be of Him), Lorraine’s books have been written especially with this in mind.

Read about the different way God’s gifts really happen. More especially learn how they can and should always be tested to see if they truly are of Him – and why that is so important.

If anyone is interested in reading the first chapters free or in buying them, here are the links



and where they can be bought as e-books or paperbacks (two pages at Lulu)

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