An angel in Human Form

“I’m a light worker – I’m an angel here in human form to help people”!!!!

Yes, this was actually said to me by someone. No, she didn’t mean it just as in a turn of phrase, she actually says she is a proper heavenly angel.  Can you believe THIS is the sort of make believe badness people prefer today to angels created by God? Can you believe anyone could think of themselves in such a way and be thought of as a decent, humble person?

THIS is the reality of what people have left religion for  – and sadly God with it. THIS fakery above is what too many people think of as a person working for God. The reality is, THIS is the type of person leading souls to Satan every day and far too many are following all too willingly like lambs to the slaughter. If she is an angel, then she is one from darkness and not of light as she claims.

If any of you wonder why I despise spiritualism, new age and anything similar as much as I do, the comment above says it all about why.
That is false spirituality and says much about who it comes from and where any gifts they claim to have come from also. It certainly isn’t from God.

THIS horrendous statement is just one of the many reasons why I do the work I do and don’t care how much they hate me for exposing them. They aim to lose souls and grab them for Satan. They do it with temptations and false empty promises while they charge everyone for doing so.

Till the day I die, I won’t give up trying to teach everyone sucked in by such people that they need to think hard about such claims and fight back. Fighting Satan is so hard to do while giving in is so easy. It’s easy, because he tells us exactly what we want to hear.

Deep inside, most people know none of the above is true, yet they want to believe it so much, it makes it easy for Satan to take them as his own. As he takes them, God watches and weeps for the loss of their souls. He never gives up fighting to save them and this is why people like me are asked to do the work we are.

Hate me as much as you like, Despise all I say and do to take away your false hopes, dreams and belief in the falseness of mediums and the like out to prey on you. I am strong enough to take the hatred aimed my way, because God gives me the strength to fight for you when you can’t fight for yourself.

Pray, seek and ask God to help open your eyes and ears to what these people are doing. Pray and ask that He helps you see the truth behind their deceptions and lies about who and what they are – and what they allege to be able to do.

For now, I continue to pray for you and many others like me do the same. You see, we care for your souls, we care about what happens to you on leaving this world. We care about how many of you are being led blindly without caring to test the spirit within the people making such claims.

In your heart you know they aren’t angels and that this isn’t what God created angels for. You know their claims all to be false, but you’re in such need they’re able to prey on you while you are at your most vulnerable. Is this the sort of person you want to have in your life and place your trust in?

The choice is yours which path you follow and what claims you choose to believe and by whom. Just please don’t insult God by pretending to love Him when you blindly follow those who take you from Him with such wild and sick claims – and with such ease. Don’t insult Him by doing what you know for a fact upsets and offends Him, because deep inside, you know that’s exactly what is happening.

If you really love God, then only you can change it. All I can do in the meantime is keep teaching, guiding and praying for those people who are weak and so easily led by these deceivers to a path of destruction. Test the spirits. I cannot say it often enough, but so few have the courage or the strength to do it for fear of what truth they might find. Do you?


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