Volcano in Ireland/Earthquake Italy

There are many predictions, visions and prophecies I’ve been given over the last years which are proving to come true and are able to be proved as such.

I test everything as much as humanly possible every single time, but one prediction remains very hard to accept and it’s this one.

I feel sure it is from the same place all my other words, visions and predictions come from, but it is so ‘out there’ that it is very hard to believe this will happen.

I have very mixed emotions about this for obvious reasons. IF they are true, then it means horrendous things for so many people. If they aren’t, then it means I have been deceived and had bad spirits come to me instead of heavenly ones, despite trying so hard to make sure this never happens.

Only time will tell which it is, but whatever way it ends up, it is a good lesson for all in how to test of whence the spirits come. If this prediction comes true in its entirely (not just half) then it is most probably of God and heaven. If it doesn’t, it is very definitely deceiving spirits. EVERYONE should be testing everything in this way.

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