Well Earned Rest

You might wonder where I’ve been recently. In all the years I’ve done my books, blog and pages on Facebook, I have never taken a proper break from it all, but I have now and am continuing to do so possibly until Christmas – but as you know, it’s not always in my hands so I might be back a lot sooner.

I’ve been making good use of the free time to de-clutter my house and go through years and years of paperwork that needed sorting, but nothing much more than that.

It does us all good to walk away from something for a while and this is the time for me to have done so. I intend using a bit more time just for me and my family, but if there is something I feel urged to share, I will still do so. If not, I’m taking it easy for a little while longer.

For a variety of reasons, it has been a very long and hard last two years and I have come out battered, bruised, but much stronger from it. There has been much happen to me that I will be sharing with you in the third book of the series, Heavenly Diaries when the time is right, but that time isn’t quite yet.

I’m still around on Facebook from time to time on my page there and in the group, Everlasting Prayers. To join us on either of them, please just click on the highlighted links. For Everlasting Prayers, make a request to join and one of us will add you.

I’m tired. I’ve been very tired. I’ve worked hard for years and have no doubt I will be again soon, but we all need a break now and then and this is mine. Maybe you’d like to do what I intend doing now the house is sorted, I’m going to use the rest of my free time to contemplate, reflect, listen to heaven and pray for our world as asked to do by our Heavenly Mother.

Lorraine x

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