Only Two More Popes?

For some reason, I feel I have to re-post this no matter how awful it sounds and no matter how wrong I believe it to be. Years ago, many years ago, I posted an article saying what I had received about the pope. Not this pope, but, a pope in general.

I was told over twenty years ago, that a pope was to be replaced. Not elected due to death of a previous pope as always happens, but that a pope would replace one still living. What I was told next was something I don’t want to contemplate could ever be true.

I was told the pope who was to replace another would be in office for not many years and that there would be only two more popes after him and that would be it. That would be the end of the Catholic Church as we know it.

That is something I do not want to believe could ever be true, but the fact Pope Francis has replaced a living pope in office, one has to to admit this too is something we never thought to see.

I have no idea if this will come true, but if it does, and that’s a huge ‘if’, then to me, it doesn’t mean the end of the Church completely, just the end of the Church as we know it to be right now.

Maybe with what else I was told about changes to come, that could fit in with it, but I don’t think so. Not yet. There will be very big changes and ones for the better, but I have to say this is one thing I am not sure I trust at all. This is very good reason why I always say to test the spirits and this is no different.

We were also told there was to be a death of religion before it would be replaced by a new bigger one with all come together than divided as now. Is this part of it or not? The new one will not be in our lifetime I’m told, but the changes bringing it about will start in our lifetime.

I am loathe to publish this, but as with much else I’m given, feel it was given for a reason, so publishing it is something I have to do. Only we as individuals can decide what we think of such words and whether we believe it could be true or not. As always, test, test, test.

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