Who Loves God Most?

Below is the answer I wrote to someone saying they would decide whether to believe I work for God or not depending on which mass I preferred and attended. The person also said all the Church does not need cleaning up and that anyone outside of religion is not loved or saved by God.

He said he was testing me as I ask people to do, but his comments showed his idea of testing the spirit within a person is confused and very bigoted. This isn’t testing the spirits or anywhere close to doing so.

He deleted his comment as he didn’t like what I had to say and my answer went with it. Luckily, I had a copy of  it, so for anyone of the same mindset as that person, this is my answer for you to think about.


For a start, to ask which mass one prefers to decide if a person is a worthy lover and server of God or not is horrendous. That is not how to test the spirits. That is just wanting to see if you’re of the same mindset as that person. God is neither that bigoted, nor is He so shallow.

I adore the Latin mass, the old hymns and ways when mass was attended by only those who wanted to be there rather than those there for show. The reverence seen and felt in those times lifted hearts to God and made people want to be as Him; to be good, to try to become closer to Him. All things sadly missing from most churches today. However, God’s love is not dependant on which mass one attends or on even attending mass.

As for the Church being cleaned up, all of it does need to be. Some of it in huge amounts other parts only a little. The reason for the small parts needing to be cleansed is because even those that are still pure and beautiful will be affected due to the rest being contaminated.

People are unable to always see this as they haven’t been given the grace to, but it is all being affected. It needs to be brought back to how it was. To do that, the whole of it needs to be swept through and cleansed and this is exactly what the pope has started to do.

One cannot clean a whole house if they clean only the really dusty and dirty parts. the whole house has to be done to make sure any particles that may have carried in the air are also cleansed. The same as a farmer cleansing his field of contaminated crops. Even the clean and healthy ones growing alongside the tainted ones have to be tended in order to stop the disease and rot spreading. So it is with God’s Holy Church.

There are things others know nothing of, but that God knows and that I have been partly shown. As for those not of any faith, this is where those of religion have it very wrong. God created ALL beings whether we approve of them or not and whether they know God or not. He loves all equally, church goers, non church goers, people of faith and people of none.

God asks we try to be as he is, that is not conditional. Only man lays conditions on everything and everyone. God asks only for purity of heart, for unconditional love of all things and for us to strive to be better people and to nourish our souls. We can do that within a religion or out of one.

It is only by God’s Grace that anyone can do these things, it is not down to just us. Without God within us we are nothing no matter how many times we go and sit in a church.

He doesn’t like our deeds most of the time, but He still loves us. There are more hypocrites sitting in churches that there are outside of them. Ask any priest, just look at the deeds and lives of those sitting in them to see this is true.

People THINK they understand the gospels and bible where we are told only those coming to His Father through Jesus will be saved, but they misinterpret that and make it of their own limited understanding. They do not listen to what else He tells us, as they don’t want to due to believing they are the chosen ones.

We are ALL His chosen ones, that is why He created us all. I’m not teaching more about that here, as far too long to say, but anyone thinking Jesus died to save only Catholics or baptised Christians – no matter how weak a Christian they are – needs to re-read ALL the bible, not just the parts they like and to pray and contemplate asking for guidance and understanding of what Jesus actually means.

It is very arrogant of Christians to believe only they will be saved, just as it is of any religion believing itself superior to all other living beings. In fact, those who think their faith and belief is saving them are those likely to need saving most. This bigoted way of thinking also shows just why the Church as a whole is in desperate need of cleaning up.

I asked ‘Who loves God Most?’ The most important question though is, who does God love most? That is a far easier one to answer. He doesn’t love any one of us more than another, He loves us ALL equally. We’d do well to remember that.

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