Climate Change

People are at last starting to wake up to the fact they are responsible for all the climate/weather changes we’re seeing and for the natural disasters happening with increasing frequency while getting bigger and bigger.

Some people have been aware for a very long time, others are only just starting to question what’s going on in the world and why it’s all become so bad. One thing none of them seem to realise, or want to accept when told, is much of it is due to the badness in people.

The world has become filled with debauchery, depravity, materialistic greed, immorality, anger, selfishness and a badness all in an uprecedented level. There are still so many very good people, truly good, but none can deny the horrendous turning away from all that’s good we’re seeing in so many people worldwide now.

We were told years ago what would happen if people didn’t turn back to God. We’re seeing those results now happening. Scientists are talking of it after the events rather than before, whereas heaven predicted it years ago.

The scientists and people are right in some of what they say, that we have to change how we live. What they aren’t saying is how we have to stop the godlessness. Stop treating God as a dirty word to be ridiculed and shunned.

Religion hasn’t helped either, as many have turned away due to it adopting much of man’s laws and demands rather than adhering only to God’s wishes. Badness seen infiltrating through religion has helped turn many away, and this too needs to be cleaned up and changed. This too was warned about and told to us many years before.

The pope is doing much of this gradually within the limitations set upon him. There is so much to do, but we all have to be responsible for our own behaviour and actions too. Instead, most people concentrate on how others behave rather than themselves.

Listen before it is too late to change those things we’re told can be changed. Much now cannot be sadly, as the damage is already done, but more we’re told can. Only if people come back to God though and walk away from the sickness of those things mentioned above that are destroying us and destroying the world we live in.

The Spirit World Speaks (aka Predictions and Prophecies)

“…God is now to take back the world He created and is to destroy all that is bad within it. Good will have to perish and suffer with bad as these things happen, but it cannot be prevented and good will be the end result as peace is once again restored in the world.

     All that is bad must go and only that which is good can survive. Eventually, in time, things will start to change again as people of your world have short memories. As the memories fade of all that is gone in the past, badness will once again start to creep into the human race that lives there.

     Animals too are to suffer great losses and these cannot be prevented. Some will become extinct because of what is to befall certain people and places, but this cannot be helped. In time all things have to change and your world has already seen many of these changes in years gone by. Now is the time for another of those big changes to come and it is not long until it is upon you all.

     Some will not live to see it happen, but others of your world now will. Already some of this has started in a small way and certain disasters have happened.

     As we warned before, they are coming closer and closer together as man continues to ignore warnings they are given about the way they live. These are to become even greater in magnitude as time goes on, until mankind starts to realise it is because of the way he lives that this has to happen.

     Great fires too are to ravage parts of the world and already these too have started and been bigger than seen before, but now they are to happen in parts of the world where it is least expected also.

     Water is to be the first of the things to destroy much, then there is pestilence and then there is to be fire; great fires bigger than one would expect to see. Whole towns and cities are to be ravaged by fires as all is set to be destroyed.

     It is as in Bible times before when these things happened and now it is to be seen again. God’s might is great and He has been angered and now He is to show the world what they are to suffer for their behaviour and lack of care with the world He gave them.

     You all have everything you need and yet you ask for more and more as greed swamps you all. Yet there are those in the same world who have nothing and thank God for the little they do have…”

Many of you today teach there is no punishment for anyone when they leave the world you inhabit, but they would be wrong to teach this, as it is untrue.

There are many ways to be punished and each is according to their own deeds. How they behaved and treated people whilst of your world is to be taken into account. So too is the way they treated and behaved towards animals and the planet you were given to live on.

Many have abused one or all of these things and they will be punished. Those who ridicule others for their beliefs will also have to pay for abusing them and ridiculing them.

Many today believe there is no such one as God the Holy Father and yet He does exist. It may not be in the way you all envisage Him to be, but be assured my friends, He is real and is saddened by what He sees and hears of those who believe in nothing but where you are now.

Secrets never before revealed are now to be given for you all to read and learn from. Many will not understand some of what they see, but others will, and when they do, their hearts will race as they see what they believe to be as real.

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