Holy Souls – Those Most Abandoned

November is the month of the Holy Souls and one where we are asked to remember and pray for those who have died and gone before us.

Most people at this time pray for people they once knew and loved and this is something we should still do, but what about those who have no one to pray for them? Those who are most abandoned and devoid of all help.

Would you, just this month, add them to your prayers? Please make a request to God to have mercy upon the souls of those people most difficult to pray for.

It is easy to pray for people we loved, those who led good lives and who we approved of, but how much more worthy are prayers given and offered with pure love and intentions for those we didn’t like, who didn’t like us, or whose lives and deeds were the most vile to us or others? THAT is when prayer is most genuine and pure. When given in love to those hardest to love.

The Holy Souls have always been close to my heart, as are the souls of the living. I pray each day for both of them, not just in November. The ones most in need of our help are those no one else will pray for and this is where I ask for your help.

No matter how horrendous or vile a person’s deeds, none of us knows what lay in their hearts at the time of their death or why they even did such things. God gives to the last breath for people to repent – really repent, but we don;t know who they are. These are the ones most people refuse to ever pray for.

Will you join me this month in praying for them? No matter how you may think they showed no mercy to others while alive, as a true lover of God, we are asked to love thy neighbour as thyself. THIS is doing just that.

Nowhere did God say we had to also like them or their deeds, but asks we should love them. Praying for their souls and meaning it – that’s the important part, genuinely meaning it – is doing exactly as God asks of us and being a true Christian.

Whatever you decide and whatever feelings are in your heart at the time, will show the state of your own soul. Your decision and feelings will show the depth of your love for God, your obedience to Him and willingness to do all He asks of us as individuals.

I thank you for listening to my plea.

Suggested Prayer
Heavenly Father, only You know what lies in the heart of every person in this world and the state of their soul at time of death. We humbly ask for those who truly repented, no matter how bad their deeds, that in Your goodness and mercy, you lessen their suffering and allow them into Your heavenly Kingdom. We especially pray for those who did not know You, or who never had a chance to repent in time due to an untimely death.
We ask You to have mercy on their soul, through Jesus Christ Our Lord,

2 responses to “Holy Souls – Those Most Abandoned

  1. You’re right. It’s VERY sad to say that many calling themselves Christians or God loving people turn their back on those needing most help. There is too much judgement and condemnation rather than discernment going on isn’t there?
    You and I find we can love and pray for those others turn away from, if only all could do the same. Imagine a day in each church where the ones prayed for are the ones no one wants to help. All those prayers said to help save even one soul for God and snatch it back from Satan. How amazing would that be. The thing is, it’s possible, but it needs true lovers of God to make it happen.
    Thank you for your comment.

  2. Its not that difficult to do this if you consider yourself a child of God. We are all One under his name, regardless of vile acts done by many- to us, to animals, to Mother Earth, etc. YES- they need prayer most of ALL! What’s upsetting to me, are the ones who claim to follow God and go to church each Sunday, memorize bible versus…then condem, condem, condem as if they are judge jury and executioner!! The PRETENDERS, I call them. They look down on people not approved of, instead of lifting them up, in prayer or even with just an encouraging word. No wonder these souls turn away from the church– the church turned their back first. Not saying all Christians are like this but in MY personal experience…WAY too many are. Im adding prayers for those souls as well as the ones who lost their way and have done horrible things. Which is worse really? At least the vile ones dont hide behind God’s name. Plea heard!

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