Spiritual Pride

There is no way I could believe in a God who didn’t love everything and everyone. The God I know created all things and all people. I couldn’t believe in Him if I thought for one moment He loved and was prepared to save only a small percentage dependent on which religion or belief they followed.

The more I see of people within religion and on other ‘spiritual’ paths, the more I feel anger, yes anger at their spiritual pride, cruelty, abuse and ridicule of others not of their own belief. How dare they profess to believe in God and serve Him when their hearts, minds and mouths are filled with venom against anyone not of their own ways? How dare they profess to be spiritual beings?

I am sickened to the pit of my stomach at the arrogance, superiority, egotism and haughtiness seen in so many professing to be spiritual or religious. Worse still, is the rapidity of the escalation  we’re seeing of this. Spiritual pride is ghastly to see and is a sin, so why is it being allowed and encouraged by so many?

Hardly any leaders within churches, or other places people gather, is doing anything about it. What is wrong with church and spiritual leaders today that they allow their followers to have such arrogance and lack of humility? Why aren’t they teaching what they should be teaching about such matters? How many souls have leaders and followers lost between them that belong to God due to their attitudes?

I don’t need to say anything more on this subject, as most people reading this will know exactly what I mean and will have seen it all around them. Faux spiritual practices are everywhere we look and pride is what we’re seeing in far too many people within churches and other places offering spiritual ‘services’.

Before haughtily condemning others while proudly preening their own feathers, it would do them well to look deep inside their own hearts, minds and souls. For when they do, and do it honestly, they’re in for a very big shock. Rather than the devoted, honest and obedient followers of God they expect to find, they will discover they are the least obedient and humble of them all.

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