Climate Change is Only a Fraction of What’s Wrong

There is much hype about climate change now surrounding a young girl as though she is the first to say anything about such matters. She isn’t and she is far from being the world leader in such matters as so many are calling her. She may be being heard, but what is she actually saying to make YOU change YOUR life?

While it’s good people are taking note and that children are going to be the ones to hopefully make much needed changes in the world, this isn’t the way. One also has to ask why she is being heard while others who were the true world leaders in such matters are still being ridiculed and their warnings ignored.

Maybe the answer lies in the fact she is enabling everyone to pass the buck and carry on living as they do. She and her followers are blaming corporations, politicians and governments for climate change, whereas the blame should be laid at the feet of every person in the civilised world, her own included.

We were all warned for many years what would happen unless we changed. Prince Charles has been the world leader in such matters since his teens, but he has been consistently ridiculed because he said we ALL have to change. Others too have talked of how our lives and what we do each day is causing major problems with not just climate change, but so much else.

Promote one child all you like, pretend she is a world leader and applaud her strikes at schools that mean and achieve nothing, because unless all of you give up the way you live now and make drastic changes, you’re going to see the disasters and weather changes increase dramatically, just as predicted many years ago.

She and scientists are saying what they’ve already seen. Not one has ever predicted anything we’ve been seeing happen. How easy to complain at people AFTER the events, how easy to blame everyone but self and how easy to tell people what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear.

You want to see changes? Then take heed of all the many people who have spoken to you well before she was even born. Listen to what THEY have to say about how YOU need to change YOUR life and lifestyle.

We need to change materialism, greed, aggression, disrespect, lack of family life, no discipline or boundaries, violence everywhere we look and total self absorption. Until you face up to the fact those things too need to be faced and changed as well as other lifestyle choices, nothing will change and will only continue to get worse. It isn’t everyone else’s fault, it’s all our fault – that is the truth.

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